Announcement from Hydro One — Community Meeting Notice

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April 2019
In order to provide a continued supply of safe and reliable power, Hydro One will be conducting insulator replacement and vegetation maintenance on the electricity transmission corridor from Manby Transmission Station (TS) to Oakville TS (project details and map on reverse). In an effort to replace insulators that have reached their end-of-life on a number of towers, Hydro One forestry crews will be required to remove trees and brush along this high voltage corridor to ensure safe clearances and ready access to our transmission lines and towers. In addition, forestry crews will also be conducting scheduled vegetation maintenance for the corridor this year.
To learn more about our planned work and talk with our project team, join us at one of our drop-in style Community Information Centres Please note that the location of Community Drop-In Session #1 has been changed to better accommodate your community.
Community Drop-In Session #1
Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Port Credit Legion
Upstairs Roundroom 35 Front St N, Mississauga
Community Drop-In Session #2
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Mississauga Valley Community Centre
Room 3
1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard Mississauga
Project Information:
What is an insulator? Transmission line insulators mechanically support and electrically isolate the energized wires from the structure, and prevent short circuits to the ground.
What is vegetation maintenance? In order to maintain safe clearances from our transmission lines and electrical infrastructure, Hydro One Forestry crews will:
 remove incompatible* trees and shrubs from under and near the power lines ;
 clear tower bases for safe and ready access to conduct critical insulator replacement; and
 apply government approved herbicide directly to cut stems to prevent regrowth. This is not a broad-spray application.
*Incompatible refers to any type of vegetation that in its lifetime, could grow into or interfere with electrical equipment.
Hydro One Forestry crews will complete this work manually with equipment like chainsaws and pruners. Support vehicles such as bucket trucks and chippers will be used where necessary.You can also expect to see construction crews and large equipment on the corridor to complete the insulator replacement.
If work is required on your property, a Hydro One Forestry representative will contact you in advance to discuss what is required.   -30-