Message from Councillor Stephen Dasko Regarding Lakeview Community Partners – MZO

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Councillor Dasko is very disturbed by the Province’s decision to approve a MZO (Minister’s Zoning Order) for the Lakeview development which was released late afternoon on Friday, May 12, 2023.

The Councillor has since been interviewed by the press sharing his concerns on this matter. CP24

An excerpt of the Councillor’s comments is below as well.

But the city councillor that represents the Lakeview area says that by unilaterally doubling the size of the development, the Ford government is undoing planning work for the site that dates back to 2006.

“We had a very comprehensive report saying that this is a bad idea, that you don’t want to do this and we were sending that back to the ministry and copying the minister on this when we got absolutely blindsided at 5 p.m. on a Friday going into Mother’s Day weekend,” he said. “It’s devastating. The infrastructure concerns weren’t taken to account and the vision of this has not been taken into account. We went from a mid-rise development to essentially the sky’s the limit with removing height caps and things like that. So this has changed the trajectory and what this was and is intended (for the area) dramatically.”

The government has said that it will continue to work with stakeholders “to facilitate approvals and ensure the realization of tangible community benefits.”

Dasko, however, said that he feels like the city will now have to “start at square one,” with some of the planning work, as the intended vision for the neighbourhood has been “completely upended.”

He also said that he fears a planned two-kilometre bus rapid transit line along Lakeshore Road East will be insufficient to accommodate the thousands of new residents along Mississauga’s lakeshore.

“Planning was always predicated on that 8,000 units since this was put forward as a master plan community. So that’s what people were working on up at the region and also at the city in terms of pipes in the ground for somebody that wants to have a drink of water or flush a toilet. All of these things were always based on those types of numbers,” he said. “To say I am disappointed, devastated would be an understatement.”

As originally planned, the Councillor insisted that the Planning and Development Committee meeting go ahead tonight to discuss this issue.  Please see the report that was prepared to review as well as the link to the Committee meeting this evening below:

  1. Report:
  2. Link to Planning and Development meeting – Monday, May 15, 2023 @ 6:00 p.m.

Coyote Issues in Mineola

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The Councillor would  like to invite you to a webex virtual meeting to discuss these coyote matters on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.


The Call in webex details are below.


Councillor Dasko and Animal Services look forward to you joining this meeting.


Many thanks



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Cannabis Retail Stores Update

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The regulation of cannabis retail outlets is significant to many people on both sides of this issue. On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, Council made the overwhelming decision to pass resolution 0103-2023 to lift the prohibition on cannabis retail stores and permit them to locate and operate in the City of Mississauga.

I have continuously voted to opt-out as I still have grave concerns with allowing retail cannabis locations in the city. The only framework that the province has put in place for municipalities is that the stores cannot be within 150 metres of a school or learning facility.  It does not give any framework to indicate how many could be clustered in any particular area of the city.

As cannabis is legal, it should be available for consumption in a safe and responsible manner by adults wishing to use the product. This issue is not about the product; it’s about having control of where and how these outlets will be positioned in the community.

To learn more about cannabis retail in Mississauga, please visit:

Stephen Dasko

Councillor Ward 1

Update on Region of Peel Project at East Avenue and Cawthra Road Beach Street Sewage Pumping Station

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The Study
The Region of Peel is undertaking a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) study to review existing sanitary sewer infrastructure and evaluate options to divert flow from the Beach Street Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) to the new Beechwood SPS. The map shows the area that may be directly impacted by the proposed construction.
The Study Process includes:
• Public and stakeholder consultation;
• An evaluation of alternative solutions to divert flow to the new pumping station;
• An assessment of proposed alternatives and identification of preferred alternative; and,
• Identification of measures to avoid or lessen adverse impacts to the community.
Virtual Engagement Opportunity
A virtual Engagement Opportunity (VEO) is being held to allow interested members of the public an opportunity to review and comment on the alternatives developed, the evaluation process followed, the preferred alternative and next steps in the Study process.
VEO materials will be made available to the public on starting April 17, 2023.
Please submit any comments or concerns by May 19, 2023. Any input received by that date will be incorporated into the Project File Report, which will be available for public review when the study is completed.
To provide comments or request additional information about this project, please contact:
Jason Ahlberg, P.Eng. Project Manager
WSP Canada Inc. 289-982-4391
Troy Leyburne, BSc. (Env.)
Project Manager, Wastewater
Engineering Services, Public Works
905-791-7800 ext. 4781
Beach Street Sewage Pumping Station Diversion Study Area
This Notice was first issued on April 17, 2023

2023 Spring Maintenance Program

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Please see the outline provided by Parks Operations for this year’s spring clean up program.

Parks and Forestry Operations maintain approx. 4,400 acres of turf within their 500+ parks, 370 sports fields, 11
cemeteries, 264 km of park trails and 300 hectares of roadside boulevard turf areas.
Grass Maintenance, Parkland Cutting City parks and Community Services facilities are serviced based upon the following classifications:
Destination Parks, Cemeteries, Community Centers, Libraries, Museums, Community Parks, Park Trails
Serviced Once Per Week Once Every Other Week, Sports Field Cutting, Sports fields are serviced based upon the following priorities:
Major Fields Minor Fields, Includes: Fenced, irrigated and lit sports fields Community park sports fields
Serviced 3 Times Per Week Once Per Week, *Sports fields are serviced more frequently than parkland turf due to the height of grass required by sports groups.
The Right Tool for the Right Job Parks Operations is required to utilize three distinct crews and equipment to service parkland and sport field turf.
*Any combination of crews may cut only certain sections while in a park with remaining works completed the following day. In cases of inclement weather cutting schedules may be adjusted.
Leash Free (LF) Locations. A full closure of each LF is required to complete turf cutting safely. These closure dates are prescheduled, physically posted at LF entrances and provided to LF Groups prior to the turf cutting season.
Boulevard Turf Cutting

The City’s Forestry team has a 2-week cycle for boulevards when the turf is actively growing in May, June, July and a 3-week schedule for August, October and November when growth slows down.
Trail Corridors Forestry Operation’s Contractors maintain multiple Trail corridors on Hydro One Network Inc. lands. Trail corridor meadow areas are generally maintained with 1 cut per month depending on seasonality growth.
Parks Operations Turf Cutting Crews maintain a 3ft area along the shoulder of the Trail corridors on Hydro One Network Inc. lands once every two weeks.
Waste/Recycling Collection. During months with peak park usage, Parks Operations provides peak service for waste containers at all parks, along trails, and park amenities such as spray pads, playgrounds and sports fields. All parks are serviced at minimum once per week.
Destination parks and most picnic areas are serviced daily.
Online Mapping Application To provide you with a better understanding of changes to waste collection in all of our parks, Maps for every park will be located online for your reference.
Please visit to access the interactive map.
Playgrounds/Spray pads Dedicated playground staff help maintain the city’s 266 Playgrounds. (30 Accessible, 6 all inclusive, 230 community play sites) Playgrounds are inspected monthly.
32 spray pads are inspected weekly Please visit to locate these amenities in parks across the city.
Parks staff received 145 Service requests resulting in 252 Work orders (2022) in relation to graffiti in city parks.
Staff work to identify, report and remove graffiti/vandalism in parks from service requests as well as any instances identified while in the parks.
Horticulture Parks Operations maintains 1291 flower beds across the city. 520 of these are Class A beds, 771 are Class B beds and various natural areas and trails are Class C.
Class A Class B Class C Description: Irrigated horticulture displays, building entrances, park ID signs, destination parks etc. Beds along park pathways, small park ID signs, large shrub beds etc.
Natural areas and trails Includes: Annuals, perennials, shrubs & trees Perennials, shrubs & trees Shrubs & trees Services: Rototill, amend soil, plant, water, weed, cultivate, clean-up, deadhead, edge, fertilize, remove annuals, prune, and mulch Amend soil, plant, water, weed, cultivate, clean-up, deadhead, edge,
fertilize, prune, and mulch Prune Frequency: At least once yearly. Monitored once every other week
for additional work At least once yearly Monitored monthly for additional work Yearly Monitored once every three months for additional work




Building More Homes: City Looks at New Housing Options in Neighbourhoods

By Events, Issues, Planning & Development, Ward 1

On Monday, April 17, staff will provide an update on the City’s ongoing efforts to expand low-rise housing options in Mississauga.

During the update, staff will review the current status and future directions of the Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods study which is looking at ways to allow more gentle density across the city. The City is looking at how best to permit more housing types such as semi-detached homes, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes and multiplexes in Mississauga neighbourhoods. Garden suites, laneway housing and garage conversions are also being reviewed as part of the study.

Adding gentle density in residential neighbourhoods could provide more housing options for families, older adults, students and Mississauga’s workforce. It is a key action of Growing Mississauga, the City’s recently released action plan on new housing.

Final recommendations including draft Official Plan policies and zoning regulations will be brought forward later this year as part of the City’s Official Plan Review.


Update on Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods Study to Planning and Development Committee


Planning and Development Committee
April 17, 2023 at 6 p.m.


  • Mississauga residents
  • Business and property owners
  • Housing advocates
  • Building and development industry
  • Interested stakeholders

How to Participate:

You may watch the live stream on the City’s website (without registering).

Advance registration is required to participate and/or make a comment virtually  during the meeting. Advance registration is preferred to participate and/or make a comment in person. Please email or call 905-615-3200 ext. 5423 no later than Friday, April 14, 2023. Directions on how to participate will be provided.


The City’s Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods (IHCN) Study supports changes to the Planning Act, which requires municipalities to permit up to two additional residential units on lots with a single detached, semi-detached or row house. It will also ensure City policies are aligned with the Provincial Policy Statement, 2020, which encourages municipalities to permit a range and mix of housing types such as garden suites and triplexes, and arrangements such as co-ownership and home sharing.

In addition to being a key action of the City’s new housing plan, Growing Mississauga, the IHCN study also moves forward key recommendations from the City’s affordable housing strategy – Making Room for the Middle. The strategy, which was approved by Council in 2017, concluded that the range of housing for middle income earners – such as teachers, nurses and social workers – is dwindling. It supports finding ways to remove barriers to affordable housing and providing residents with more housing choices as they go through different life stages.

Housing affordability is a major issue in Mississauga and the wider GTA. Providing greater housing choices and protecting as well as encouraging new affordable housing supply are priorities for the City.

Learn more by visiting the City’s Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhood Study website.