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Motion to Request Review of EMZO for 1082 Lakeshore Road East – Lakeview Village

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On October 25, 2023, at the City of Mississauga Council meeting, I put forward a Motion that was passed to direct the Acting Mayor and Staff to formally request the Minister of Municipal Affairs to review the MZO (EMZO) Enhanced Ministerial Zoning Order for 1082 Lakeshore Road East, known as Lakeview Village.

The City and I have been working collaboratively with the Lakeview Partners and all stakeholders over the last five (5) years to bring this Master Plan community to life.

My motion, which was passed, is to have the Minister of Municipal Affairs review the EMZO as it was against the Community’s, Council and City’s wishes as we do not believe the decision was justified.

Below is my Motion and my letter to the Minister.  The Acting Mayor’s letter to the Minister is also attached for further information.

Ward 1 Community Excellence Awards – Thursday October 26th – Photos 2023

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The Ward 1 Community Excellence Awards were a huge success and a wonderful celebration of just some of the amazing people and businesses we have in our Ward.

We celebrated at the Mississauga Senior’s Centre on Thursday October 26th and had a great turnout of nominees along with many of their family and friends.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:


Best Pizza – Pizza e Dolci

Best New Business – Carlo’s Bakery

Entrepreneur of the Year – Brad Baumgarten

Best Real Estate Agent – Jim Chu

Excellence in Customer Service – Zest for Living

Best Patio – The Crooked Cue

Best Restaurant – Ice N Spice

Artist of the Year, Music – Heather Christine

Artist of the Year, Dance – Colleen Snell – Frog in Hand

Artist of the Year, Visual Art – Stephen Uhraney

Environmental Stewardship – Jeanne McRight

Volunteer of the Year – Jeff McPhee

Lifetime Acheivement Award – Ron Duquette

All the 2023 Winners!

Congratulations again to all the nominees and our winners from 2023.  We are already looking forward to next year!

Resolution – Regional Council – October 26, 2023

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Agenda Number: 8.1

Date: October 26, 2023

Moved by:  Councillor Dasko

That the Regional Chair and local municipal Mayors write a letter, on behalf of Regional Council and local municipal Councils, to the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the provincial Minister of Infrastructure and the federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, to request a meeting in person, to present the required Infrastructure Plan to Support Bill 23 Housing Targets.

4th Annual Ward 1 Excellence Awards – Winners 2023

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I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was able to participate in the 4th Annual Ward 1 Community Excellence Awards.

I also want to extend my appreciation to those who dedicated their time to nominate individuals and to those who graciously accepted the nominations.

This year, we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of nominations, with almost 200 submissions!

This truly reflects the exceptional qualities of our residents and businesses in Ward 1.


Here are all the 2023 winners:

New Business Award
The recipient of this award has been in business for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. This award recognizes outstanding achievement as a new business in some or all of the following: Research & Development, Company Growth, Products & Services, Market Development, Sales & Marketing, Community Service.

Winner: Carlo’s Bakery

Entrepreneur of the Year Award
This award recognizes the endeavors of an exceptional individual or company who creates the products and services that keep our local economies moving forward.

Winner: Brad Baumgarten

Best Real Estate Agent
This award recognizes a real estate professional who goes above and beyond for their clients and makes important contributions to the community.

Winner: Jim Chu

Excellence in Customer Service Award
This award recognizes a business for their outstanding dedication, loyalty and achievement to exceptional service standards in our community that consistently exceed customer or guest expectations.

Winner: Zest For Living

Automotive Services Excellence Award
This award honours an Automotive Services establishment with outstanding service, provided to Ward 1 residents with consistent high standards and integrity.

Winner: Xtreme Tire

Best Patio Dining Experience Award
The best patio dining experience award is presented to a restaurant that has created a patio that provides the most enjoyable overall guest experience, setting high standards for food quality, while providing guests with excellent customer service that enhances the dining experience.
This local favourite provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious meal and a great atmosphere.

Winner: The Crooked Cue

Best Pizza Shop Award
Recognizing a local pizza shop – takeout or delivery that provides the best tasting pizza and customer experience.

Winner: Pizza e Dolci

Best Coffee Shop Award
This award recognizes a coffee shop in Ward 1 that has a loyal following that provides great quality coffee, tea and snacks. It also creates a clean memorable atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.

Winner: Back Road Coffee Roasters

Restaurant of the Year Award
This award is presented to a restaurant that provides the most enjoyable overall guest experience, setting high standards for food quality, offers a well-priced meal, while providing guests with excellent customer service that enhances the dining experience. This local favourite may also provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a great atmosphere.

Winner: Ice N Spice

Artist of The Year Award – Music Performance
The Ward 1 Artist of the Year – Music Performance award recognizes the musician or musical group that has consistently delivered exceptional live performances, captivating audiences with their talent, stage presence, and artistic expression throughout the year.

Winner: Heather Christine

Artist of The Year Award – Dance Performance
The Ward 1 Artist of the Year – Dance Performance award recognizes the outstanding achievements of a dancer or dance troupe who have demonstrated exceptional artistry, creativity, and skill in their dance performances throughout the year.
Winner: Colleen Snell – Frog in Hand
Artist of The Year Award – Visual Artist
The Ward 1 Artist of the Year – Visual Artist award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and contributions within the field of visual arts over the past year. This category celebrates artists whose exceptional creativity, skill, and innovation have made an impact on the art scene locally and inspired audiences through their visual creations.
Winner: Stephen Uhraney
Environmental Stewardship Award
Whether helping to protect our climate, reduce waste, support local food or enhance our natural spaces, this individual is recognized as an environmental leader who has made significant contributions to improving our environment.
Winner: Jeanne McRight
Volunteer of the Year Award
Our city is built by those who give their time and expertise selflessly and expect nothing in return. This award recognizes an individual who demonstrates excellence in volunteering to make Ward 1 a better place to live, work, and play.
Winner: Jeff McPhee
Lifetime Achievement Award
Ward 1 would like to honour with great respect and admiration, an Individual for their lifetime of support, promotion and vision for our community.
Winner: Ron Duquette

ANNOUNCING Mississauga 50th Anthem Competition – Deadline Extended until November 13th!

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Leave your mark on Mississauga’s music history!

Mississauga songwriters, submit an original anthem about Mississauga to Mississauga Arts Council and SoundsUnite in honour of the City’s 50th anniversary for your chance to win a recording and mixing session from Metalworks Studios and have your song named “Mississauga’s 50th Anthem”! 

“On the upcoming 50th anniversary of the City of Mississauga, I had a vision to create an anthem for Mississauga,” Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko says. “My initiative was received with open arms by Metalworks Studios, Mississauga Arts Council and the creative industries at the City of Mississauga, who collaboratively came together to host this song contest for the most unique and fitting song to help celebrate the City of Mississauga’s milestone.”

“Mississauga’s 50th anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated and what better way than recording a new city anthem,” mentions Gil Moore, Founder and CEO of Metalworks Studios, “Metalworks and SoundsUnite are excited and proud to record the winner and share the joy of music with our community.”

“A winning local singer-songwriter can make themselves a part of our history. Write the anthem heard across the city in 2024, and be part of every celebration of our City’s 50th Anniversary. The legendary Tommy Hunter wrote the first one, now who will write the next one?” asks Mike Douglas, Executive Director of MAC

The deadline to apply is Monday, November 13 at 11 AM.

Get More Details and Apply

Another First for Ward 1 and Our Community!

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I am very excited to announce that construction has begun for the refrigerated ice rink in Port Credit’s Memorial Park!

While preserving the existing topography of the park, the design of the loop will be 3.5 metres wide (11 feet wide) and 200 metres long (over 700 feet long). It will be a walking track in the summer season and will add to the functionality during festival seasons.
Coming this Winter 2023 !!

Proposal to support Bill C-233 “Keira’s Law”

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I am pleased to announce that the Proposal to support Bill C-233 “Keira’s Law” was passed today unanimously in Council.  The City of Mississauga Council lends support to Member of Parliament Anju Dhillon’s Private Members Bill C-233, that has now been passed to raise the level of education on domestic violence and coercive control for federally appointed Judges.

RESOLUTION 0194-2023
adopted by the Council of
The Corporation of the City of Mississauga
at its meeting on September 13, 2023

0194-2023 Moved by: S. Dasko Seconded by: M. Reid

Whereas violence against women is a Canadian public health crisis that demands urgent action;
and Whereas one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and one woman or girl is killed every other day, on average, somewhere in our country;
and Whereas the most dangerous time for a victim of abuse is when she separates from her partner, according to research from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, when there is a history of coercive control, violence and a recent separation, a woman’s risk of domestic homicide goes up 900 times;
and Whereas, the current Canadian court system is not equipped to protect women, according to the National Judicial Institute, there is no mandatory education for Judges on domestic violence; judges need education on what constitutes domestic violence or coercive control and formal education program would ensure another line of defense for victims, as well as preventing violence and abuse before it happens;
and Whereas, according to Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children must be protected from “all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent(s), legal guardian(s) or any other person who has care of the child,” our current family justice system often fails our children in this regard;
and Whereas, in worst case scenarios, children are killed by a violent parent, as reported by the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative, recent separation and domestic violence are the two biggest risk factors for domestic violence related child homicides;
and Whereas, custody disputes are an additional risk factor; each year in Canada, about 30 children are killed by a parent; mothers are responsible about 40 per cent of the time, often due to postpartum depression or mental illness and in the 60 per cent of cases where fathers are the murderers, anger, jealousy or post-separation retaliatory revenge are the usual motivations;
and Whereas, Keira’s Law is named after four-year-old Keira Kagan, who was killed while in the custody of her father, in 2020;

Now therefore be it resolved:
1. That the City of Mississauga Council lends support to Member of Parliament Anju Dhillon’s Private Member’s Bill C-233, Page 3 of Motion Memorandum that has now been passed to raise the level of education on domestic violence and coercive control, for federally appointed Judges; and
2. That this motion be forwarded to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and Mississauga Members of Parliament (MP’s), the Premier of Ontario, the Ontario Attorney General, and Mississauga Members of Provincial Parliament.