• Budget Engagement Session on the proposed 2021 Budget

    September 22, 2020

    Mississauga residents are invited to participate in a Budget Engagement Session on the proposed 2021 Budget with Mayor Bonnie Crombie and the City’s senior staff. Residents can choose from sessions taking place on October 8 (city-wide) and October 13 (Wards 1, 2 and 4: Councillor Stephen Dasko, Councillor Karen Ras and Councillor John Kovac) and October 22 (Wards 3 and 6: Councillor Chris Fonseca and Councillor Ron Starr). Staff from the Region of Peel will also participate in the city-wide session.

    Residents will receive a telephone call in advance based on a list provided by a virtual town hall service, with an invitation to participate in one of the upcoming sessions. They will be able to ask a question and hear about the City’s proposed 2021 Budget. Residents will receive a second telephone call just before the session begins. The call out is done to ensure as many residents as possible have an opportunity to participate. Anyone who receives a call and does not wish to participate can simply hang up.

    “Council has already had significant consultation through the COVID-19 recovery process and we have captured those points already. The City’s Budget Engagement Sessions provide us with additional input on what is important to residents,” said Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “We face a challenging year, making these sessions an important part of our budget engagement.”

    Residents can also register to participate in the Budget Engagement Sessions. In addition, the city-wide session will be available to watch on Facebook Live and online.

    Information about the City’s budget is available at mississauga.ca/budget. Other ways to participate in the budget process include:


  • Filming Schedule – Ward 1

    Please note that the above will be filming interior scenes for a commercial “Remax” at 271 Donnelly Drive (Ward 1) on Friday, September 25th between the hours of 7am-11pm. Any prep or wrap required will be conducted entirely on private property.


    A permit has been issued to allow parking on:

    • One side of Donnelly Drive from Gill Avenue to Glenburnie Road
      • PDO onsite at all times due to narrow roadway
    • One side of Glenburnie Road from Donnelly Drive to Donnelly Drive


    Affected residents have been informed of these activities via notification letter. A release form survey was sent to residents with less than 20% objecting in order to allow:

    • Filming and film activity to occur within a sensitive neighbourhood


    Additionally, a traveling grid permit (#61956) has also been issued for scenes involving a picture vehicle traveling on various City of Mississauga roadways (excluding Regional roadways)


    Should you have comments, questions or concerns please contact Liza Toliao at the Film Office at ext. 4114.





    Mississauga Film & Television Office

    T 905-615-3200 x4114

  • Have Your Say on Noise in Mississauga – Join a Virtual Consultation Session


    September 22, 2020


    The City of Mississauga is holding three virtual consultation sessions to get public input on how to manage noise now and for the future. As the City moves ahead in updating its Noise Control By-law, this is one more opportunity for residents to have their say.


    The feedback received will help shape the new by-law to make it more responsive to resident and community needs.


    Virtual consultation sessions that include a presentation on the Noise Control By-law Review and group discussion and input.



    • Mississauga residents
    • Business owners
    • Taxpayers



    Register here to participate.


    • Thursday, October 1            1 to 2:30 p.m.
    • Tuesday, October 6              6:30 to 8 p.m.
    • Wednesday, October 7        6:30 to 8 p.m.


    An online survey is also available until October 7, 2020.

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  • Updated Parks By-law Ensures Greater Clarity and Safety for the Public

    September 17, 2020

    Yesterday, Council approved an updated Parks By-law that will ensure more safety and greater clarity for park users and the City’s enforcement staff. The by-law is effective immediately.

    “As Mississauga continues to grow and evolve, updates to the Parks By-law are necessary for the City to effectively continue administering and enforcing all park related activities and programs,” said Jodi Robillos, Director, Parks, Forestry and Environment. “This also ensures that all park users are clearly made aware and understand what is and isn’t allowed in our parks. More importantly, it brings more safety measures for the public so that our parks can continue to be used and enjoyed by everyone.”

    Some of the key highlights with the updated Parks By-law are as follows:

    • Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter Leash-Free Zones.
    • Commercial dog walkers with an approved permit can use Leash-Free Zones Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. only.
    • Smoking regulations aligned with the Region of Peel’s No Smoking or Vaping By-law which prohibits smoking and vaping in public outdoor spaces.
    • Park opening hours to change to dawn from 7 a.m. (closure still remains at 11 p.m.) to better reflect user needs.
    • A Park Vendor section created for clarity around food/refreshment vehicles or carts, and portable display units that operate in parks – with reference to Mobile Licensing processes that are required.
    • Designated busking areas to be identified through the City’s SaugaBusks program.
    • A section that deals with kite flying to address requests and emerging trends.
    • Commercial activities section for goods and services provided by third parties in parks, including commercial photography, fitness/instructional classes and park vendors.
    • Clarity around fishing in parks.
    • Allowing for different modes of transportation that can be used in park and trail systems.
    • Providing clear prohibition of the use of profane/abusive language, including hate speech during gatherings and events within parks.

    In reviewing and updating the by-law, staff from various business units were involved, including: Parks, Forestry and Environment; Enforcement; Corporate Security; Legal Services; Recreation; Animal Services; and Mobile Licensing. The City also consulted with residents, Leash-Free Mississauga and commercial dog walkers for regulations that relate to Leash-Free Zones.

    To learn more about these changes, view the updated Parks By-law.

    For more information about the City’s parks and green spaces, visit mississauga.ca/parks.

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  • City of Mississauga Maintains Standard & Poor’s Strong ‘AAA’ Credit Rating Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    September 14, 2020

    The City of Mississauga has received an ‘AAA’ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P) for the 17th year in a row. The rating was based on the City’s extremely high liquidity levels and its dynamic and diversified economy. The City was able to maintain its score of “AAA” despite the challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “I’m proud that despite the challenges we have faced as a City this year, that Mississauga continues to be recognized as a municipal leader in fiscal management, especially as we embark on the road to economic recovery,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We have a strong Financial and Economic Recovery plan in place that will help us build back better as we work to address the pressures that arise from COVID-19 in the years to come. This plan will help us remain fiscally prudent and financially strong while ensuring we can continue to provide the key services residents and businesses rely upon.”


    S&P’s report stated that, “Mississauga’s life sciences, advanced manufacturing, financial services and information and communication technology sectors fuel the city’s robust economy. Mississauga’s competitive tax rates, proximity to major markets and extensive transportation infrastructure network have also aided its economy and helped attract and retain investment.”

    “We’ve had to make many difficult yet necessary decisions to move us forward during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “The stable outlook reflects our City’s ability to bounce back from the financial impacts of the pandemic, but there is work to be done. Along with the $46 million from the Government of Ontario and funding from the Government of Canada, Mississauga will be able to address the approximately $60 million deficit that we are facing in 2020. However the echo impacts for future years will require additional assistance from other levels of government and continued strong financial leadership from Council and staff as the 2021 budget is set. I am confident we have a strong foundation to meet those challenges.”

    S&P added that, “Mississauga’s credit profile benefits from very strong financial management. The City has a robust set of financial policies, including a debt policy that sets out which capital projects are eligible for debt financing and establishes debt service limits. Mississauga provides clear and transparent disclosure, including unqualified financial statements.”

    Kent added, “In addition to rolling out our Recovery Plans, our Long-Range Financial Plan identifies future financial challenges and opportunities, helps us maintain financial sustainability and prepares us for unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic by maintaining strong reserve funds.”


    Mississauga’s Long-Range Financial Plan is a snapshot of the City’s current and anticipated financial position over the next 10 years. The plan supports the vision of the City’s Strategic Plan: Our Future Mississauga. The City’s Annual Report Highlights reflect its commitment to transparency in financial reporting.

    For more information, visit standardandpoors.com.

    To learn more about the City of Mississauga’s finances, visit mississauga.ca/financereports.

    About S&P Global Ratings:

    In 26 countries around the world and a history that dates back more than 150 years, S&P Global Ratings provides high-quality market intelligence in the form of credit ratings, research and thought leadership.

     An S&P Global Ratings issuer credit rating is a forward-looking opinion about an obligor’s overall creditworthiness. An obligor rated ‘AAA’ has extremely strong capacity to meet its financial commitments. ‘AAA’ is the highest issuer credit rating assigned by S&P Global Ratings.


  • Get Involved in the City’s 2021 Budget and Business Plan

    Many Ways to get Involved in the City’s 2021 Budget and Business Plan

    September 14, 2020

    Want to have your say on the 2021 Budget? The City will be rolling out a variety of engagement methods to collect input and feedback from residents and businesses on the 2021–2024 Budget and Business Plan. The City will seek input from September 14 to October 23, 2020.

    “In a challenging year the City’s budget funds services that residents and businesses need every day,” says Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “Our 2021 Budget needs to manage the deficit from the pandemic while providing services and programs. We are following our financial recovery principles that Council approved and trying to build a budget that reflects the needs of the community. While Council has already held multiple engagement sessions and received input throughout the COVID-19 recovery planning process, we continue to look for input to assist Council in their decision making. We are looking to involve as many as possible in the coming weeks through a variety of methods, with the public being fully engaged and kept up-to-date.”

    For details view the staff reports from:

    June 24, 2020 Budget Committee Meeting: Update on the Financial Impacts of COVID-19.

    April 8, 2020 Council Meeting: Managing the Financial Impact of COVID-19

    Become familiar with the City’s 2021 Budget and Business Plan
    Look through the City’s 2021 Budget and Business Plan and understand why these documents play an important role in shaping our city. Learn more and get involved by:

    • Visiting mississauga.ca/budget and see what you get for your tax dollars
    • Reading an overview of the 2021 preliminary Budget and Business Plan, presented to the Budget Committee on June 24, 2020
    • Watching for the full 2021 proposed Budget and Business Plan (to be posted online in November)
    • Watching or attending Budget Committee meeting scheduled for October 7 and/or Budget Committee deliberations scheduled for November 23, 24, 30, December 1 and 2 (Budget Committee meeting schedules are subject to change – please visit the City’s Council and Committees Calendar for any updates that may occur)

    Get involved with budget engagement from September 14 to October 23
    The City’s budget process is transparent and offers several ways for residents and businesses to get involved, provide feedback and engage over a six-week period by:

    The City’s Budget Allocator

    Mississauga’s interactive budget tool for the 2021 Budget will be available at mississauga.ca/budget starting September 14, 2020. Residents and businesses can explore and learn more about City services included in the budget while gaining insight into the overall budget process.

    Residents can use the tool to test different spending options in service areas. Results from the allocator will be shared at Budget Committee on November 23. The results will help inform the committee’s review of the 2021 proposed Business Plan and Budget.

    Help us understand what matters to you. Visit mississauga.ca/budget to stay informed, learn more and share your ideas on the 2021 Budget.

    Budget Committee Meetings

    The next Budget Committee meeting is on October 7, where staff will discuss Fees and Charges. Detailed discussions continue on November 23, 24, 30, December 1 and 2. Following committee discussions and public input, Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed budget on December 9.

    Budget Committee meeting dates are subject to change.

    Fees and Charges

    • Wednesday, October 7 at 1:30 p.m.

    Service Area Presentations 

    • Monday, November 23 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday, November 24 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Monday, November 30 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday, December 1 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Wednesday, December 2 at 1:30 p.m.


    • Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

    City Council is expected to approve the final budget at the December 9 Council Meeting.


  • Mississauga’s Windrow Snow Clearing Program Now Open for Registration

    September 14, 2020


    The City is now accepting applications for its Windrow Snow Clearing Program for some residents needing snow clearing assistance. The program is available for up to 300 residents who are 65 years or older, or who have a physical disability.


    Program participants can expect to have a three-metre space in their windrow cleared during the winter season. A windrow is the pile of snow left at the end of a driveway after the street has been plowed. The program does not include the clearing of the whole driveway.


    “We understand the challenges that some residents face when it snows,” said Mickey Frost, Director, Works Operations and Maintenance. “Our windrow service makes winter easier for program participants to deal with throughout the season.”


    Winter crews will clear a space in a resident’s driveway beginning up to 36 hours after the end of a snow storm and when road plowing is completed. Windrow snow clearing may not be to bare pavement, but will make the driveway safe and passable for one car to get in and out.


    Additional Program Details:

    • Last day to apply is Friday, November 6, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.
    • Program starts November 30, 2020 and ends March 12, 2021.
    • Cost of program is $200, but free for residents who meet financial assistance criteria.
    • Only 300 spots are available on a first come, first serve basis.


    How to Apply:

    • Download and print an application form online at ca/windrow or pick one up at any community centre service desk.
    • Submit the completed form and required documents through any of the following:
      • In-person at any community centre service desk


    • The following submission options have been added as part of the City’s response to COVID-19:


    • By mail:

    Recreation Customer Service Centre

    Paramount Fine Foods Centre

    5600 Rose Cherry Place

    Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6


    For more information about the Windrow Snow Clearing Program, including eligibility, financial assistance criteria and details on how to apply, visit mississauga.ca/windrow.


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  • Filming in Ward 1

    Please note that the above will be filming exterior scenes for a TV series “Sex/Life” at 1462 Mississauga Road (Ward 2) on September 14, 7:00am – 8:00pm


    A permit has been issued to allow parking on the following from September 13, 10:00pm – September 14, 10:00pm:

    • One side of Shenandoah Dr between Wateska Blvd and Mississauga Rd


    Affected residents have been informed of these activities via notification letter. A release form survey was sent to residents with less than 20% objecting  in order to allow:

    • Prep occurring on a Sunday
    • Overnight parking


    Production has also been granted permission to park production support vehicles at JC Saddington Park, North Lot (53 Lake St, Ward 1) on September 14, 7:00am – 10:00pm.


    Should you have comments, questions or concerns please contact the Film Office at ext. 4114.


    Thank you.


    Draft Plan of Subdivision, Official Plan amendment and Rezoning applications to permit a
    mixed use waterfront community with employment, commercial, institutional, cultural, park
    uses and 8,050 residential units
    1082 Lakeshore Road East and 800 Hydro Road, south side of Lakeshore Road East, east
    of Lakefront Promenade
    Owner: Lakeview Community Partners Limited
    Files: OZ 19/003 W1, OZ 19/021 W1 and T-M19001 W1


    For complete details please visit the link below.


    OZ 19-003 W1 OZ 19-021 W1 T-M19001 W1.Public Meeting Notice (virtual …..



    September 11, 2020

    Please be advised that Hydro Road south of Lakeshore Road will be closed.

    When: Starting Monday, September 14th, 2020 until Friday, September 18th, 2020.

    Where:  Hydro Road south of Lakeshore Road.

     Why:  A temporary road closure is required for the purpose of completing service connection for the new development.