• Asian Longhorned Beetle No Longer Threatens Mississauga’s Trees

    July 7, 2020

    The Government of Canada’s Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced that the invasive species, the Asian longhorned beetle, has been eliminated in Mississauga. After five years of CFIA surveys with no detection of this tree pest, the Asian longhorned beetle quarantine area has been removed in Mississauga.

    “Today marks a major victory in a long fought battle,” said Mayor Crombie. “This invasive beetle devastated our tree canopy in Mississauga, but we took action to stop its spread. I’m pleased that this insect is no longer a threat to our trees or our budget. It’s a good reminder that we must remain vigilant against invasive species by protecting existing trees and planting new ones.”

    The Asian longhorned beetle was brought to Canada unintentionally in infested wood crates, pallets and packing material. First identified in 2013, the beetle was found in Malton, near the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Infected trees were removed, chipped up and processed to eliminate the ability of the beetle to destroy other healthy trees.

    “For almost a decade, the Asian longhorned beetle has attacked and killed healthy hardwood trees in Mississauga, including maple, willow, birch and poplar,” said Jodi Robillos, Director, Parks, Forestry and Environment. “Posing a substantial risk to our parks, green spaces and wildlife habitats, thousands of infected and susceptible trees were removed to control the spread of the Asian longhorned beetle.”

    To prevent the spread, residents and businesses were restricted from moving any tree material out of the regulated area of Mississauga. Movement of infected wood material could have accidentally spread the beetle to unaffected areas.

    “Invasive species have put a lot of strain on our tree canopy including the Asian longhorned beetle, which have destroyed many healthy trees,” said Brent Reid, Acting Manager, Forestry. “Since the Asian longhorned beetle is not native to Canada, it has no natural predators. Early detection was important so that action could be taken swiftly to eliminate the pest. Another key factor in mitigating the impacts of the Asian longhorned beetle and other invasive species is keeping our urban forest diverse and healthy.”

    The beetle’s larvae fed on the trunk and branches of trees, and eventually filled the trees with holes causing the trees to die. Adult beetles fed on the leaves, bark and branch tips.

    Reid added, “Mississauga’s tree canopy is diverse, however it is still vulnerable to pests like the Asian longhorned beetle. The City’s Forestry Section is dedicated to monitoring and managing invasive species in Mississauga. We’re committed to continue growing and protecting our urban tree canopy.”

    Mississauga is home to over two million trees that provide an enormous range of benefits to human health, the environment and the economy.

    For more information about other invasive species like gypsy moths or the Emerald Ash Borer in Mississauga, visit mississauga.ca/portal/residents/parks-invasive-species. To learn more the City’s tree planting program, visit onemilliontrees.ca.


     In 2013, the CFIA found evidence of the Asian longhorned beetle near Toronto Pearson International Airport. As a result, CFIA established a regulated area in parts of Mississauga. The CFIA is responsible for the control and eradication of invasive insects such as the Asian longhorned beetle.


    CAPTION: Asian longhorn beetle in the wood of a maple tree

    [Download hi-res photo]


  • Road Safety Services Begins Project Noisemaker

  • City of Mississauga Moves to Stage 2 of Province’s Recovery Plan

    COVID-19 | June 23, 2020

    The Government of Ontario announced yesterday that the Region of Peel, including Mississauga, will be entering Stage 2 of Ontario’s Framework for Reopening Our Province as of Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

    “Moving into Stage 2 is an important milestone and symbolizes the efforts and sacrifices made by residents and businesses to stop this virus in its tracks and get Mississauga on the road to recovery. This is great news, especially for our small businesses, including cafes, restaurants and bars who can now open up their patios and welcome customers once again,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “It’s also exciting for our residents as it means they can once again enjoy many of our City amenities that make summers memorable such as our spray pads and outdoor pools, beach volleyball and basketball courts. While we’re all excited to see more of our city opening up, I want to remind residents that this is not a return to life as we once knew it. We must continue to follow the advice of public health and take personal ownership and responsibility for stopping the spread.”

    Additional businesses, services, as well as community, recreational and outdoor spaces are permitted to reopen in Stage 2 with proper health and safety measures in place.

    “The commitment and sacrifices of residents and businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has paved the path for Peel to move into Phase 2,” said Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health for the Region of Peel. “As we reopen more of our community, we need to remain vigilant and continue to practice the four core behaviours that will help keep us safer: stay two metres apart when out and about; wear a non-medical mask when physical distancing is challenging; wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face; and if you’re sick, get tested and then stay home. I also call on local businesses and venues to also implement preventive measures as they reopen to ensure that staff and visitors to their premises can practice these core four behaviours.”

    All local businesses will need to adhere to guidelines from the Province of Ontario and the Region of Peel. New resources available to support businesses reopen and recover at mississauga.ca/business-covid-19.

    “The Mississauga Board of Trade wants to thank Mayor Crombie and Council along with Dr. Lawrence Loh for the diligent path they have taken to protect the citizens of Mississauga. We also want to commend the Premier for the support he has provided for business and his commitment to stand by business,” said David Wojcik, President and CEO of Mississauga Board of Trade.

    With guidance from Region of Peel Public Health, the City of Mississauga will gradually reopen facilities and resume services in a new or modified way to prioritize resident safety.

    “We are working to reopen more of our facilities and amenities safely in accordance with the guidelines and regulations put out by the Province and Peel Public Health,” said Paul Mitcham, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our residents, customers and staff. As City programs and services slowly begin to reopen, we are asking the community to be patient as we thoughtfully work through provincial regulations.”

    City Facility Reopenings 

    Outdoor Pools

    Starting Saturday, July 4, all of the City’s seven outdoor pools will open for lane and fun swims for pre-registration only. 

    Park and Recreation Amenities
    In addition to several park amenities that were reopened as part of Stage 1, bocce courts, beach volleyball courts and joint City and school board track facilities opened last weekend.

    Additional park and recreation amenities will open on the following dates:   

    Friday, June 26

    • Basketball courts
    • Casual use of sports fields
    • All remaining park parking lots

    Saturday, July 4

    • Artificial turf fields
    • Select ball diamond permits
    • Cricket field permits
    • Picnic areas
    • Photography permits available
    • Celebration Square wading pool
    • Spray pads (with the exception of Huron Park, which is currently under construction)

    Monday, July 13

    • Soccer field permits

    The City encourages residents to take personal responsibility when visiting parks and is using its Park Ambassador program to educate residents on physical distancing requirements and remaining park playground and amenity closures.

    Closures that Remain in Effect

    City arenas are not open for full public use. The City is currently working on a summer ice plan with hockey and skating clubs.

    Community Centres
    Community centres will only be opening for summer camp participants and staff with exclusive use on weekdays. At this time, community centres are not open for full public use.

    Culture Facilities
    All of the City’s Culture facilities are currently closed. The City is reviewing when they can open based on staffing and demand.

    Returns are accepted at all locations except Mississauga Valley Library. Starting today, curbside pickup will be available at the BurnhamthorpeCentralLorne ParkMalton and Meadowvale libraries. Additional locations will be phased in when it is considered safe to do so.

    Playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment
    Playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment remain closed under the provincial order.

    Find the full list of City reopenings and closures. To stay informed on COVID-19 impacts on City services, please visit: Mississauga.ca/recovery.


  • Temporary Outdoor Restaurant Patios Permitted to Open

    June 24, 2020

    Today, restaurants and bars with a valid 2020 business license are permitted to temporarily expand outdoor seating and dining areas, provided they comply with City requirements and meet COVID-19 safety guidelines for patrons and staff.

    “I am excited to help kick start recovery for our restaurants and bars with the introduction of temporary patios. We have waived several application fees and are fast-tracking the process to get restaurants back in business as soon as possible while keeping everyone safe and healthy,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “I’m looking forward to soaking in summer and showing support for our local businesses and hope residents do the same as we begin the road to recovery together. I also encourage landlords to work with tenants to find solutions that work for both parties. Without customers, businesses can’t afford to pay rent, so let’s make this a win-win for everyone.”

     Temporary Patios on Public Lands

    Temporary patios proposed on the City’s municipal road right-of-way or a municipal parking lot, will require a Temporary Patio Permit. Restaurants can apply online starting today. A dedicated staff team is in place to review applications as soon as they are received.

    Restaurants with questions regarding the application process, can contact the City at temporarypatio@mississauga.ca or can call 905-615-3200 ext. 5593 or ext. 8581. For public safety, temporary patios will not be considered on municipal road right-of-ways with posted speed limits over 50 km/h.

    Temporary Patios on Private Lands

    For temporary patios on private lands, no permit is required. However, patios must adhere to design requirements. Restaurants should seek the permission of the owner or property manager prior to installation.

    Temporary restaurant patios are permitted with Mississauga’s move into Stage 2 of Ontario’s Framework for Reopening Our Province provided proper health and safety measures are in place. All local businesses must adhere to guidelines from the Province of Ontario and the Region of Peel. New resources available to support businesses reopen and recover at mississauga.ca/business-covid-19.


    Last week, the City introduced a Temporary Use By-law, to be approved by Council, to permit temporary outdoor restaurant patios. In the meantime, Council suspended the enforcement of existing zoning by-laws in order to permit temporary outdoor patios when Mississauga was allowed to move into Stage 2.

    Council will consider approval of the Temporary Use By-law following a virtual public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 9 a.m. during Planning and Development Committee. Anyone is welcome to watch the live stream, listen via phone or submit comments in advance. More information on how to participate can be found here.


  • Mississauga City Council Stands Against Anti-Black Racism, Systemic Racism and Discrimination

    June 24, 2020

    Today, Mississauga City Council took a strong stand against anti-Black racism, systemic racism and discrimination in all forms.

    “We are in a pivotal moment right now and it is incumbent on all institutions, including the City of Mississauga, that we take action to address racism and discrimination,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “To be good on the outside, we must be good on the inside. It is important that our institutions are representative of the people they serve and that everyone is treated fairly and with respect, free from bias and discrimination. Today’s motion commits the City as a corporation and a community to confronting racism and discrimination, and in particular anti-Black racism and discrimination, and take meaningful action. Our work to confront these challenges is never done, but I am confident that by working with Council, city staff, and the broader community, we can take significant steps forward.”

    The City recognizes that racism and in particular, anti-Black racism and discrimination is a crisis that requires immediate action. The City reaffirmed its strong commitment to addressing systemic racism and discrimination by supporting policies and programs that address the inequities that racialized groups, Indigenous Peoples, and in particular Black communities continue to experience in Mississauga and committing to the safety and livelihood of its Black residents naming anti-Black racism as a pervasive threat to the safety and enjoyment of life in the city.

    The Mayor’s Office in consultation with the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee will:

    • Convene a series of community-led consultations on systemic racism, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination using an intersectional lens, and identify areas for systemic change in the community;
    • Convene a Black Caucus to advise on the equity issues and priorities identified by Black communities in Mississauga, and report back to Council publicly in six months;
    • Review the terms of reference for the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to ensure it is fulfilling its mandate and that it focuses in part on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism; and
    • Review the  City and Region of Peel’s consultation and communications strategy with respect to racism and discrimination and the reform of our institutions; and
    • Work with the Region of Peel carry out the Region’s anti-racism public education/awareness campaigns at the City level.

    The City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer will:

    • Name, condemn and stand against anti-Black racism in all its forms;
    • Review on an ongoing basis, internal policies and programs to ensure all are free from racial bias and do not negatively impact racialized groups;
    • Ensure continued implementation and progress of the recommendations from the City’s Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, including proceeding with the planned Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Survey when business returns to normal and build public accountability and commitment to bring to life recommendations from the Strategy;
    • Engage our Black employees and their allies in a series of conversations on anti-Black racism to understand their experiences in the workplace and build a plan to address systemic inequities; and
    • Continue to educate all new and existing employees on the City’s Respectful Workplace Policy and Respectful Workplace Statement of Commitment, as well as staff’s daily commitment to the compliance with the Respectful Workplace Policy. 

    “We are listening and learning. There is work to be done and we must do better. We must ensure that our organization’s values, programs and policies are free from systemic racism and discrimination of any kind. I want our Black employees to know that I am committed and our Leadership Team is committed to addressing racism in the workplace and that racist and anti-Black sentiments have no place at the City of Mississauga. I want all employees to know and understand they have a shared responsibility in preventing and addressing anti-Black racism and discrimination in all its forms,” said Paul Mitcham City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “We must continue with the implementation of our Workforce and Diversity Inclusion Strategy which will help ensure we are creating an equitable work environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills and ability. One that recognizes the uniqueness of all employees and is accessible, equitable and fair for all.”

    Resolution 0207-2020 – Anti-Black and Indigenous Racism




  • City of Mississauga Moves Forward with Residential Road Safety Initiatives

    June 24, 2020

    Today, City Council received an update on Mississauga’s Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program, an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to detect and capture images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limits. Council also approved several recommendations in the corporate report about speed management initiatives. Together, these projects will implement several safety actions in the Transportation Master Plan and advance the City’s commitment to Vision Zero.

    “We continue to take action to make our roads safer for everyone. Mississauga is taking a thoughtful and planned approach to implementing Automated Speed Enforcement in Mississauga to ensure it is aligned with new provincial regulations and effective for years to come,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. Our goal is to keep our City safe and have zero deaths on our roads to achieve Vision Zero. To do this, we need to continue to lower speed limits in our neighbourhoods and implement speed reduction initiatives to create safer communities for our families to walk, cycle and play in. Given the recent rash of deadly speed-related accidents on roads across the GTA, we will be exploring how we can fast-track the implementation of ASE on major arterial roads.”

    In addition to the ASE update, Council also received an update on the Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project. Before beginning the ASE program, a number of speed limit initiatives within the Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project need to be completed. This includes lowering speed limits to 30 km/h in neighbourhood school zones, implementing school area community safety zones, and lowering speed limits on residential streets to 40 km/h. The next step is to identify and implement these zones.

    “We have heard repeatedly through the City’s Road Safety Committee that residents want lower speed limits in their neighbourhoods,” said Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito and Chair of the Road Safety Committee. “A key piece to reducing speeds in our neighbourhoods is to first lower the speed limits followed by implementing Automated Speed Enforcement. This combined effort will be an important step forward in advancing Vision Zero in Mississauga.”

    The report highlights the steps and processes required to implement ASE:

    • Establish a Task Force to create court capacity for ASE
    • Delay Phase 1 of ASE until January 2021 to allow necessary lowered school zone speed limits and community safety zones to be identified and signage installed
    • Authorize staff to enter into agreements with the ASE vendor Redflex Traffic Systems (Canada) Limited, the City of Toronto Joint Processing Centre and the Ministry of Transportation
    • Establish the City’s preferred method for dealing with ASE charges – issuing tickets under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) or through the Administrative Penalty System (APS) – a system of administering penalties used by a municipality to regulate by-laws

    Once the above agreements are reached, the City can begin the ASE program six months later.

    “The City has identified speeding as a problem on its roads and Council’s support of the implementation of these important speed initiatives will deliver on the actions in our Transportation Master Plan,” said Andy Harvey, Director, Traffic Management and Municipal Parking. “It is unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the implementation of both our Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project and ASE. However, we are continuing to position the City to deliver ASE in an efficient, yet co-ordinated effort.”

    Harvey added that provincial-wide closures including the court system, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has impacted the delivery of Mississauga’s ASE program.

    For more information on ASE, visit aseontario.com.


    The Ontario Government amended Bill 65 – the Safer School Zones Act in 2017. This Act amended the Highway Traffic Act to introduce the use of ASE in school zones and community safety zones across the province. Ontario municipalities worked jointly with the Ontario Traffic Council to plan the implementation of ASE. In October 2019, Mississauga City Council approved amendments to the Traffic By-Law that will gradually lower speeds on residential streets from 50 to 40 km/h. To-date, 11 neighbourhoods have received 40 km/h signage at the entry and exit points.

    Tweet: .@citymississauga moves forward with initiatives to lower speeds on residential streets to 40 km/h & school zones to 30 km/h, positioning us for Automated Speed Enforcement, a program using cameras to enforce speeds in school zones & advance #VisionZero. http://ow.ly/nYKu50AgR7m



  • Mississauga’s Preliminary 2021 Budget

    Local government | June 24, 2020

    City Staff introduced the preliminary 2021 – 2024 Business Plan and 2021 Budget at today’s Budget Committee meeting.

    An update regarding the impact of COVID-19 was included.

    Seven Financial Recovery Principles are in place to provide guidance in making financial decisions throughout the pandemic recovery:

    • Public Health is the first priority
    • Preserve the long-term strength of the property tax base
    • Comply with legislation
    • Allow other levels of government time to fulfill their mandates
    • Use reserves appropriately to manage financial challenges
    • Deviation from the financial plan should not be permanent
    • Assess approved and future budgets and business plans to reconfirm priorities, including service levels

    “The City of Mississauga is facing huge financial impacts in 2020 and 2021 as a result of COVID-19,” said Mayor Crombie. “This is not business as usual and will force us to make some tough decisions. All cities, including Mississauga, need assistance from the federal and provincial governments to help us recoup the non-recoverable losses we are facing, that have put us in a $60M deficit to date. Cities are engines of the economy, but we lack the financial tools of other levels of government to weather a storm like COVID-19. We continue to deliver essential programs and services throughout recovery, including public transit to libraries, snow clearing and fire and emergency services and much more. Council will continue to work to ensure our residents can access quality services while keeping property taxes competitive, but without assistance, we will be forced to examine the services we deliver. As in previous years, there will continue to be several opportunities throughout the budgeting process for residents to get involved, have their voices heard and help shape the future of our city.”

    Staff will continue to refine the budget and look for ways to trim the proposed increases. Early numbers show the equivalent of a 9.2 per cent budget increase to the City’s 2021 Operating Budget due primarily to a 5.7 per cent increase from the COVID-19 impacts on revenue and costs and a 2 per cent infrastructure levy to help the City maintain existing roads, bridges and buildings and plan for their upkeep in the future. Foregoing the 2 per cent infrastructure levy would result in a loss of $90 million in revenue over ten years, slowing the City’s ability to renew and build new infrastructure.

    This would be the equivalent of a residential property tax increase of 3.24 per cent while businesses would see a 1.98 per cent increase on their bills for the city portion of the tax bill.

    “Clearly this is not a normal Budget cycle for Mississauga and other communities across Canada,” said Gary Kent, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “While continuing to provide essential local services, an estimated deficit in 2020 of $100 million has been reduced to $60 million due to spending decisions made including temporary layoffs of over 2,000 part-time staff during the closure period, a hiring freeze, deferral of capital spending and a discretionary spending review. The Federal and Provincial Governments have not given any commitment to financial relief for municipalities and so cities across the country continue to wait to hear. Time is running out and now we need to face the “echo effects” into future years. For Mississauga, that is another $80 million over the next three years. In total, the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to cost Mississauga taxpayers approximately $140 million. Even a well-run city like Mississauga does not have the fiscal firepower to fund this. Staff will continue to assess several options to address this deficit, using the strategies outlined in the Financial Recovery Plan, including deferral of master plan investments and no increased service levels. There is much more work to be done. Staff will continue to innovate with Council and with the public being fully engaged.”

    For details, view the staff report, Update on the Financial Impacts of COVID-19.

    The next Budget Committee meeting is on October 7, where staff will discuss Fees and Charges. Detailed discussions continue on November 23, 24, 30, December 1 and 2. Following committee discussions and public input, Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed budget on December 9.

    Budget Committee meeting dates are subject to change.

    Fees and Charges 

    • Wednesday, October 7 at 1:30 p.m.

    Service Area Presentations 

    • Monday, November 23 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday, November 24 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Monday, November 30 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Tuesday, December 1 at 9:30 a.m.
    • Wednesday, December 2 at 1:30 p.m.


    • Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

    Visit mississauga.ca/budget to learn how the City invests your tax dollars to provide services or follow the conversation on social media using #SaugaBudget.



  • City of Mississauga Hosts First-Ever Virtual Canada Day Celebration

    June 22, 2020

    Each year, thousands of residents and visitors come together on July 1 to celebrate Canada Day at Mississauga Celebration Square. This year, the City of Mississauga is inviting the community to gather virtually to celebrate Canada’s 153rd birthday, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the City’s top priority of keeping people safe.

    Good Morning Mississauga is a virtual event that will allow residents and online guests to mark this national holiday safely from the comfort of their homes, yards and patios.

    Global News’ Farah Nasser and ET Canada’s Sangita Patel will host the online event.


    This virtual celebration presented by Tim Hortons will begin at 10 a.m. on July 1, and will feature interviews and musical performances by some of the biggest names to come from Mississauga, including Johnny Orlando, Mia Martina, Fito Blanko, RJ Barrett and Mark Pelli (of award-winning band, Magic!). The program will include Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Members of Council hosting a modified official ceremony, where residents will be invited to take the oath of reaffirmation virtually, as well as recognition of other Canada Day events from across the city. To mark the 40th anniversary of O Canada becoming our national anthem, the Mississauga Children’s Choir and Mississauga Symphony Orchestra will join the celebration through recorded performances of O Canada.

    City-Wide Art Project 

    Throughout the day, residents are invited to show their Mississauga spirit by decorating their windows for Canada Day using our online Celebration Kit. This interactive community initiative is a partnership with the City’s Public Art program. Local artist DaHye Kim created artwork that you can print and colour for this city-wide public art project. Residents will be able to download the artwork here.

    Virtual Fireworks

    The City’s Canada Day celebration will be punctuated with augmented-reality fireworks presented by Tim Hortons in collaboration with snapd. Residents are invited to share in this experience anywhere in the city – physical distancing rules apply.

    Any time after 7 p.m., point your device of choice to the sky and watch the remarkable firework show unfold. To participate, viewers will need to download snapd’s HUB app.

    Virtual Meet and Greet Contest

    As another Mississauga Canada Day celebration first, residents have the opportunity to enter a contest to win a virtual meet & greet with award-winning artist, Johnny Orlando. To take part, fans are invited to enter at GoodMorningSauga.ca where they will find additional contest details.

    Together, in a virtual environment, Mississauga can celebrate and share their pride in being Canadian!

    Additional Information:
    Details on the City’s Canada Day celebration can be found here.

    Special thanks to our presenting sponsor Tim Hortons, supporting sponsors Bell and Alectra, and our media partners ET Canada and Global News. This virtual Canada Day event has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada through the Canadian Heritage grant.


    [Download Hi-Res Photo]


  • Peel Regional Police Chief’s video message of thanks

  • New Lakeview Farmers’ Market Launches in Mississauga on Father’s Day 10:00-12:00 p.m.




    Pre-Order Here


    New Lakeview Farmers’ Market Launches on Father’s Day


    Fresh produce will now be available from the new Lakeview Farmers’ Market starting Sunday, June 21st. The new market offers an online pre-order and curbside pick-up program.

    Organizers have sourced vendors with organic or sustainably grown local produce and small batch products found within a 150 km radius of Mississauga. Vendors who re-sell produce purchased at food terminals or wholesale outlets will not be allowed.

    According to Lakeview Farmers’ Market organizer Ian Raymond, “Our focus is locally grown and sourced healthy food, organic and artisanal products that provide an income opportunity for local farmers, producers and artisans. We are a small market that will evolve over time, selecting premium producers who meet our market guidelines and standards of Farmers’ Markets Ontario.

    To ensure health and safety, Peel Public Health officials have approved a pre-order and curbside pick-up program. We look forward to a walk-up market in the near future.” said Diane LaPointe, interim Executive Director with CreativeHub 1352.


    Pre-orders required



    Operates from

    June 21 to October 11

    on Sundays

    (Pre-order, pick-up only)



    10:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Learn More
    Pre-Order Here


    Email: lakeviewfarmersmarket@gmail.com


    For more information and new Vendor Inquiries:




    Curbside pick-up from Army, Navy, Airforce Veterans Canada


    Parking lot at :

    765 Third St. (Cawthra and Lakeshore Rd. area)



    Connect with us



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