Blooming Boulevards

By June 16, 2021Ward 1

About the garden:

Blooming Boulevards volunteers grew these native pollinator plants from local wildflower seeds this spring. The plants are being installed in the 4 beds at this location. These hardy perennial species will bloom throughout the growing season, beautifying the Lakeshore streetscape and providing our native bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food and shelter year-round. The garden beds will be part of a pollinator habitat corridor connecting our parks, which will further support biodiversity.

For more information on Blooming Boulevards, please click here. 

People in the photo, Left to Right:

Stephen Dasko (Mississauga Ward One Councillor), Murray Moore (Blooming Boulevards), Toya Sanchez-Jankowski (Malicki Sanchez), Jeanne McRight (Blooming Boulevards president), Wayne Cardinalli (Blooming Boulevards).