Halloween 2023 – Food Allergy (Anaphylaxis) Teal Pumpkin Project

By October 17, 2023October 20th, 2023Food for thought

Halloween can be extra scary for children (and the parents of children) with food allergies!

“The Teal Pumpkin Project” is here in support of children with life-threatening food allergies

A teal pumpkin let’s allergic goblins know you have peanut/nut free and non-food treats like glow sticks, stickers and spider rings…

This is very important to 1/13 of our ‘trick or treaters’…both at school and when trick or treating in their neighbourhood…who must always be on ‘high alert’ for their safety.

Be sure to check local stores and online where products like these are sold.

We can also all make a difference by ‘shelling out’ on the driveway so children with mobility issues can easily ‘trick or treat’.

Be safe and have fun!