Mississauga will be an independent city in 2025

By November 16, 2023Uncategorized

The Peel Region is dissolving and the City of Mississauga is becoming an independent, single-tier municipality by January 1, 2025. This means that there will no longer be a Region of Peel and those services provided by the Region will be delivered by the City of Mississauga.

Why is this important to you as a resident?

Being independent helps puts the needs of Mississauga residents first. It will help us make better decisions and focus on our city exclusively. It will eliminate duplication of services and create efficiencies while providing seamless customer service. This means you will have a single point of contact for all municipal services.

We remain committed to exceptional customer service, transparency and a seamless transition. By focusing on Mississauga specifically, we can better address the unique challenges and opportunities we face as a growing city and invest in the things that matter most to our community, without interference. The City currently provides 60% of the funding to the Region. Your property tax dollars will no longer be sent to another level of government, but will stay right here, in Mississauga.

The City is working closely with the province’s Transition Board during this process. As the Transition Board makes decisions, more information will be shared with Council and residents in the upcoming weeks and months. You can stay up to date at Mississauga.ca/OurCityOurFuture

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