Parks Winter Operations 2023-2024

By November 24, 2023Parks, Ward 1

The Parks Operations team performs winter maintenance that includes clearing snow and de-icing in;
 4-season parking lots,
 Community centres, arenas, libraries and/or banquet facilities
 Trails and walkways that serve a transportation link for local communities (e.g. trails, walkways and easements to school boundaries).

When snow will be cleared
The size and intensity of the storm will dictate the time required to treat and clear facilities, parking lots and pathways. The City plows when five centimetres of snow or more accumulates. If there is less than five centimetres of snow, locations are salted.

The follow chart summarizes Parks winter maintenance service levels;

When experiencing back to back storms, (e.g. over consecutive days), or significant weather events, timelines as outlined above may be extended.

In extreme weather conditions, the City may declare a significant weather event. During a significant weather event, the timing for winter maintenance crews to clear the snow resets when the event is over.

Winter salt and brine
The City uses rock salt, or sodium chloride, to clear parking lots, front entrances, pathways, easements and sidewalks. In anticipation of a snow event, the City may use brine to pre-treat priority locations; such as community centres and arena parking lots, a few days ahead of the incoming event. Brine is solution of water and salt, and is sprayed on the parking lots which makes it harder for ice to form, and makes parking lots easier to plow.

Parking Lot Closures

Seasonal parking lots (including gravel lots and lots adjacent to seasonal facilities) are closed during the winter period.
Parking lots are closed prior to the first significant snowfall. Signs will be posted notifying the public of the closure.

Winter Service Levels for Sanitation
During the winter season, seasonal sanitation containers are removed from permitted sports fields and permanent bins are relocated to entrances to ensure they are serviceable throughout the winter season.

The following chart summarizes Parks winter sanitation service levels;