Region of Peel Additional Services – Information

By March 31, 2020Covid-19

March 31, 220

The Region is continuing to promote clear and useful information so that during this crisis, residents can find the supports they need. As you know, these always important services now have a very direct impact on Peel’s collective efforts to protect our community.

Services Available to Residents in Need

The Region’s website now has a dedicated social supports page, covering seniors, caregivers, income support, food, child care, housing and community response.  In addition, the Region is also promoting the federal and provincial resources available in the  Financial Help and Ontario Works section of “services and facilities temporarily affected in Peel.”

Community Response Table and Emergency Funding 

The Community Response Table is now publicly promoting its information and services. You can read more in the news release and the Community Response Table website. This is a valuable source of comprehensive information on Peel-wide services that will assist us in our work and help in responding to requests for information from the public.

The COVID-19 Emergency Funding Application is now live on the Region’s website at: 

Housing and Homelessness Update

The Region issued a press release on how Peel is mobilizing to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19 among homeless residents. The Region’s website also has a page dedicated to COVID-19 housing and homelessness.