The Grown in Peel Local Food Guide is back

The Grown in Peel Local Food Guide is now available online by visiting The guide features locally grown products like fruits, vegetables, honey, meats, eggs, nursery stock items and beverages in Peel and shows when they are in season or available year-round. The guide also features many farm and farmers’ market listings through an easy-to-read online map.

The map displays information on the farms and farmers’ markets including available products, contact information, hours of operation, special events, activities, and much more! Peel residents can also find out when farms and farmers’ markets are open during the year.

“Please see this year’s Grown in Peel guide to find farm fresh products and activities that your family will enjoy”, says Gary Mountain, Chair, Peel Agricultural Advisory Working Group. “The Region of Peel is committed to making it easy for Peel residents to find fresh and flavourful locally grown fruits and vegetables. Please visit the online guide to find many healthy, delicious seasonal products and a variety of ways to enjoy a family outing at one of Peel’s farms or farmers’ markets.”