By July 4, 2019April 30th, 2021Hurontario LRT

Hurontario LRT will provide 18 km of rapid transit with 19 stops on a dedicated right-of-way between Mississauga and Brampton. The Hurontario LRT will link the GO stations at Port Credit and Cooksville, the Mississauga Transitway, Square One GO Bus Terminal, Brampton Gateway Terminal and key Züm and MiWay routes.

The following are frequently asked questions about the project:

  • What stage is the project in?

The Request For Proposals (RFP) has closed and the bids are being evaluated by Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx. Financial close (contract award) is expected this fall, with major construction to begin later in the year.

  • When will major construction begin and end?

A detailed schedule will emerge through the project procurement process once the winning bid team is selected. Preparatory construction has already begun prior to the main construction. Finalized completion date will be available when the contract is awarded.

  • Why is preparatory construction necessary?

Preparatory construction is underway as utility companies relocate communication cables and underground structures along the Hurontario LRT corridor. This work provides companies with access to their utility infrastructure after the light rail train is fully operational.

  • Will major construction begin at one end of Hurontario and end at the other?

While the successful project team will determine the construction priorities and schedule, construction will likely start with some of the more complicated parts of the project (such as bridges) first as they will take longer to complete.

  • What will the traffic be like during construction?

As with any large transit project, vehicle traffic will be affected during various stages of construction. Efforts will be made to minimize the effects of construction, such as providing commuters with advance notification of lane closures and by enforcing safety measures to protect on-site workers and commuters on the road.

  • Will bus service continue?

Local bus service will continue on the Hurontario corridor and will provide service between LRT stops. Express service will cease operations.

  • What kind of vehicles will be used?

The Citadis Spirit Light Rail Vehicle will be supplied by Alstom to the Hurontario LRT project.

It is large (50 metres long), can accommodate up to 336 passengers, accessible—100% low floor and spots for four wheel chairs in every train and quiet as it’s electric. The vehicles will be assembled in Brampton.

  • How much will it cost to ride?

Fare levels have not yet been determined, but they are expected to be consistent with fares charged elsewhere on the local Mississauga and Brampton transit systems.

  • How frequently will the trains run?

During peak periods, trains will run every 7.5 minutes. During off-peak periods, train will run every 10-12 minutes.


To connect with the project team:

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