2021 Annual Status Update – Mississauga Transportation Master Plan

By June 24, 2021Resources, Ward 1

June 24, 2021

At General Committee this week, the 2021 Annual Status Update of Mississauga’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was received showing that more than half (38) of the 57 short-term actions are underway, as of June 2021. Of the plan’s 91 actions in total, 54 actions are in progress and 10 are complete.

“The 2021 Annual Status Update of Mississauga’s first Transportation Master Plan shows that good progress is being made on this important plan,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “As we work to build a world-class, transit-oriented city, we are implementing changes that make moving through and around Mississauga safer and easier for residents and businesses. Over the last year, we’ve taken immediate action to advance Vision Zero and have invested in longer-term initiatives to address infrastructure improvements.”

Endorsed by Council in May 2019, the TMP guides the development of Mississauga’s transportation system to 2041. The TMP outlines 91 actions to be delivered in the short term (2020-2024), medium term (2025-2034), or long term (2035 and after). This is the second annual report on the implementation of actions in the plan.

In the past 12 months, the City has:

  • Advanced Vision Zero, a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and injuries:
    • Implementing a Speed Management Program (Action 46) with projects like the Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project. This ongoing project is reducing speed limits to 40 km/h in all 150 neighbourhoods in 2021 as well as installing approximately 200 – 30 km/h residential school zone speed limits and school area Community Safety Zone signs.
    • Introducing Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE). Advance notice for two cameras was posted in April 2021. On May 19, 2021, Council approved the addition of 20 more cameras to be installed in 2021. (Action 43)
    • Working with the Region of Peel to implement an Automated School Bus Camera Program (Action 43).
    • Continuing to work on the objectives of the Vision Zero Working Group (Action 61) and the Peel Region Vision Zero Task Force (Action 81).
  • Completed the MiWay Infrastructure Growth Plan (MIGP) to provide an improved and efficient transit service:
    • Identifying potential locations, costs and benefits of transit priorities (Action 17).
    • Evaluating bus stops and terminal improvements (Action 18).
    • Outlining steps to provide service information at transit stops/stations/terminals (Action 51).
  • Expanded and enhanced the cycling network (Action 59), by adding 14.5 km to the cycling network:
    • Adding 5 km of temporary active transportation lanes to provide safe physical distancing opportunities for residents.
    • Proposing 18 km of accelerated or interim bicycle lanes as part of the City’s COVID-19 Recovery.

“The annual status updates are a key component of the TMP’s monitoring program, which ensures that progress of this plan can be tracked by Council and the public,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation and Works. “The first TMP annual status update was delivered in May 2020 during a critical time for Mississauga as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our region became known. This second annual status update comes while the City continues to experience the effects of the pandemic. While a complete understanding of how the pandemic affects the transportation system will be ongoing, we remain committed to continue to advance the TMP’s Vision and Goals.”

Looking forward, between May 2021 and May 2022 many actions are set to be completed including:

  • Road Classification System (Action 2)
  • Traffic Impact Study Guidelines (Action 5)
  • Parking Provision Policies (Action 7)
  • Pedestrian Network Plan (Action 14)
  • Long-term Transit Network Plan (Action 15)
  • Micro-mobility Policy Framework (Action 22)
  • Zero-Emission Vehicle Strategy (Action 23)

The TMP was produced from the findings of a two-year study that combined research and public engagement about the future of mobility in the city. Progress on the actions is tracked and reported annually. Routine updates to the TMP will take place in coordination with updates to the Mississauga Official Plan.

The TMP is the foundation of many transportation policies, plans and initiatives. Full report and annual updates can be found here.