Be a Good Neighbour, Clear Your Walk

By February 27, 2019Issues

Play your role in keeping your community safe by keeping your sidewalk clear of snow and ice after a snowfall ends.

Offer a helping hand to older adults and persons with physical disabilities in your neighbourhood by clearing their sidewalks. Treat slippery surfaces in front of your home to ensure that older adults, students walking to schools and bus stops, and other pedestrians have a safe path to travel in front of your home. You can make this a fun winter activity by involving kids and young family members.

Always remember when you dig out your car or shovel your driveway, place the snow on your lawn and not on the street. Placing snow from your driveway or parking lot on the road is illegal under the Obstructing Highways By-law.

The City of Mississauga clears sidewalks along major roads and other priority areas where there is access to hospitals, schools and transit. To see a map of these sidewalks visit