Continuous improvements at G.E. Booth water resource recovery facility

By October 30, 2023November 6th, 2023Resources, Ward 1

The G.E. Booth water resource recovery facility in east Mississauga, is designed to process an average of 518 ML per day (114 million gallons/day) of wastewater from homes and businesses in Bolton, Caledon East, Brampton and parts of Mississauga, as well as some areas of York Region and the City of Toronto. As the facility is integral to providing safe and effective wastewater treatment Peel Regional council approved approximately $190 million to implement additional odour control works at the facility.

Modernizing for improved odour control

G.E. Booth has always been actively managing odours emitting from the treatment plant. In 2020, Peel Region began taking significant steps forward to modernize the plant and improve the level of service for odour emissions to the local community, including the construction of improved odour control facilities.
Demolition of several aging facilities within the plant was completed in 2021 to clear the way for these enhancements.

The implementation of these new odour treatment facilities will be completed in three phases. The first was put into service in 2021 and the second and third will come online in 2026 and 2027. Approximately half of the odour mitigation program is scheduled to be completed by 2026, with the bulk of the work being completed by 2027.

Primary Clarifier tanks are the largest contributing factor to community odour complaints. Design and construction of buildings to cover these tanks is underway and should be in full service by 2027. The site has 13 of these primary tanks. In addition, Peel’s water resource recovery facilities are constantly being upgraded to add the newest technology and support growth in Peel.

Once all the odour mitigation work is completed at G.E Booth, we can expect over 90 percent average odour emissions reduction. In fact, by 2027 over 1,000 acres of land the previously experienced odour will have close to zero odour with the completion of this project.