Film Notice: CBS Canada Holdings Inc

By November 27, 2020Events

Please note that the above will be filming interior and exterior scenes for the TV series “In The Dark” at 1417 Lakeshore Rd E (Ward 1) on Dec 2nd, 7:00am-3:00am, Dec 3rd. Prep will be conducted on Dec 1st, 7am-7pm. Wrap on Dec 3rd, 7am-7pm will be entirely on private property.

A permit has been issued to allow parking on the following:

  • One side of Deta Rd between Lakeshore Rd E and Orchard Hill Rd
  • One side of Cherriebell Rd between Orchard Hill Rd and Lakeshore Rd E

Camera equipment on the boulevard and sidewalk has been permitted as long as two-way pedestrian traffic is maintained at all times and to allow maximum 3-minute traffic stoppages (Lakeshore Rd E between Deta Rd and Cherriebell Rd) under the supervision of Peel Regional Police between 8:00pm-9:30pm only

Production has also been granted permission to park production vehicles/lunch room space at Small Arms Inspection Building (1352 Lakeshore Rd E, Ward 1) starting 7am, Dec 1st through to Dec 3rd, 12noon.

Affected residents have been informed of these activities via notification letter. A release form survey was sent to residents with less than 20% objecting in order to allow:

  • Afterhours filming (after 11pm)
  • Overnight parking
  • After hour vehicle movement (after 11PM)
  • Lighting to be oriented toward neighbouring residences

Should you have comments, questions or concerns please contact Carmen Ford at the Film Office at 905-615-3200 x6150.