Film Notice: Ruby Leaf Pictures ULC

By November 1, 2021Resources, Ward 1

Please be advised that the above will be filming interior and exterior scenes for a TV Series “Tamarack” ” at 2067 Stanfield Rd (Ward 1) on November 2nd, 7am-11pm. Prep and Wrap will be conducted entirely on private property (Nov 2, 3 – 7am-7pm daily).

A permit has been issued to allow parking on the following:

  • One side of Greening Avenue between Tolman Rd and Stanfield Rd
  • One side of Hedge Drive between Stanfield Rd and Westfield Dr
    • On both streets, only small production vehicles permitted (pick-up trucks, SUV’s, vans – no cube trucks or larger)

Production has been approved for picture vehicle pull up/away shots on Stanfield Rd with intermittent traffic stoppages (max of 3 min) under the supervision of Peel Regional Police not between the hours of 7am – 9am and 3pm – 6pm. A camera is permitted on the boulevard and sidewalk as long as pedestrian access is maintained at all times.