Herbicide Treatment Notification – Adamson Estate

By August 9, 2023Parks, Resources, Ward 1

Notice of upcoming herbicide application by the Forestry Department through the use of Brinkman Living Infrastructure beginning Friday, August 11th, 2023.

Chemical control will be completed at the following parks. See below for more details:

  • Adamson Estate
    • Target species: Japanese Knotweed
    • Details: Re-treatment of the areas treated in 2022. This includes any plants present throughout the natural area. Flagging tape has been installed in these areas for the Contractors. They are expected to remove it following treatment.

The herbicide being used is VisionMax (Glyphosate) and is sprayed using a handheld/backpack sprayer.

Please note: The site will have notice signs posted at all access points to the spray area at least 24 hours prior to treatment and will be removed no less than 48 hours after treatment. Treatment should be completed in 1 week, but may extend into further weeks as needed as the work is weather dependent.