Herbicide Treatment Notification – Cawthra Park – August 22 and 23, 2023

By August 15, 2023Parks, Resources, Ward 1

Notice of upcoming invasive species treatment by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). Treatment will involve the use of herbicides to reduce the number of invasive plants and their threats to the natural area.

The work will be taking place at Cawthra Park and will be targeting two different species of plants. Please see below for more detailed information:

  • Target species: Japanese Knotweed
  • Details: A small patch along the trail running along the east side of the park, adjacent to the houses. The area was treated in 2022 and any regrowth will be retreated this year. The area is just south of South Sheridan Way. Impacted residents will be notified by letter.
  • Target species: Phragmites
  • Details: Several patches near the entrance to the park off of Eight Street, on both sides of the pathway. This area was treated in 2022. Impacted residents will be notified by letter. An additional area will be treated in 2023, near the back of the community centre. Any plants present on the woodland side of the wooden boards will be treated this year, with any remaining plants treated once the boards are removed in 2024.

The treatment is scheduled for August 22nd and 23rd. As herbicides are being used, all work is weather dependent so the treatment days are subject to change. As per Ontario Regulation 63/09 under the Pesticides Act, signage will be posted at least 24 hours before treatment (no longer than 7 days prior), and will be removed 48 hours after treatment (no longer than 10 days after).

CVC will be using Roundup VisionMax (Glyphosate) which is sprayed using a handheld/backpack sprayer.

Crews will be working Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.