Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance

By May 7, 2024Resources

Hydro One is responsible for maintaining a safe distance between vegetation and power lines to keep the corridor safe for public use, keep the lights on, and to allow easy and safe access for our crews. This important work ensures that Hydro One can continue to provide a supply of safe and reliable electricity.

What to Expect

As part of our work, our Forestry Technicians will selectively identify for removal or trimming (if possible) trees and other vegetation that could pose a risk to the electrical system. In advance of work starting, our team will deliver notices (please see attached notice) to adjacent property owners and engage residents that have work required on their property. Our Forestry Technician will make every effort to contact property owners in advance. Access to the hydro corridor may be limited during this time to ensure the safety of our crews and the public. Signs will be posted in parks and community trails and our staff will re-direct community members around the closures.

Work Methods

Our Forestry crews will use the following methods to complete this work:

  • Manual trimming and removals of trees and other vegetation will be completed with hand tools such as chainsaws and pruners. Bucket trucks and wood chippers will also be onsite, as required.
  • Mechanical equipment (grinders) will be used to remove incompatible vegetation, and clean-up cut and trmmed vegetation.