Middle Road Pedestrian Bridge

By March 8, 2021March 11th, 2021Resources, Ward 1

The Middle Road Bridge spans  Etobicoke Creek, as it was once part of the old Sherway Drive in both Mississauga and Toronto.  For years it has been closed to vehicular traffic and is well used as a pedestrian connection to the City of Toronto; with some 1,300 on average users per week.

This unique heritage bridge was constructed 1909 and was Canada’s first example of a reinforced concrete bowstring tied arch bridge.  Over the years rehabilitations have occurred in partnership with the City of Toronto, with the last rehabilitation on the structure in 1985. Current rehabilitation works planned will be done in co-operation/compliance with Heritage Trust Ontario and both City of Mississauga and City of Toronto Heritage sections, and is planned for late summer/early fall of this year.

Once this year’s rehabilitation is completed, the historic value and public use of this structure will be maintained for years to come.