Mississauga’s Budget Discussions – November 30, 2020

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2021 Business Plan and Budget Service Area Presentations

November 30, 2020

Today at Budget Committee, the following service areas presented their 2021 Business Plans and Budget along with a presentation regarding the City’s Stormwater Program.

Service Area Presentation Highlights

  1. Recreation
  • Keep Mississauga residents healthy, active, and connected in partnership with the community for all citizens
  1. Parks, Forestry & Environment
  • Provide safe, accessible and connected parkland
  • Conserve, enhance and connect natural environments
  • Meet the outdoor active and passive needs of our diverse community
  • Advance actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • Create and maintain great outdoor public spaces
  • Drive environmental sustainability City-wide
  • Support community group partnerships, events and engagement
  1. Information Technology
  • Innovative, reliable, responsive and secure solutions that align business process and technology
  1. Land Development Services
  • Provide strategic, long-term planning and high quality customer service, to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the public
  1. Stormwater

The City’s Stormwater Program is funded by the Stormwater charge, a dedicated source of funding separate from property taxes. The Stormwater charge appears on the Region of Peel water bill and in 2021 the rate increase is set at 2 per cent. This means the average residence will see an increase of $2.20 or less.

  • Continued growth in the Stormwater Capital Program for state of good repair projects and construction of new infrastructure
  • Increased contributions to the Pipe Reserve Fund
  • Continue the development of an enhanced Asset Management Plan
  • Develop the Stormwater Master Plan
  • Continue to carry out flood relief, erosion control and other improvement projects
  • Implement capital projects and infrastructure needs identified through planning and flood mitigation studies

The following service area updates were also received by Budget Committee today through the consent agenda:

  1. Business Services
  • Enable the delivery of excellent public service by providing advice, expertise and essential support
  • Work with all business units across the organization to allow services to be delivered to residents and businesses in the most cost effective, innovative and efficient manner
  1. City Manager’s Office
  • Provide Strategic Leadership
  • Support Economic Development
  • Ensure compliance through Internal Audit
  • Deliver expert Legal Services
  1. Facilities & Property Management
  • Optimize in-house expertise in property management excellence to sustain the City’s infrastructure
  • Collaborate with our partners in delivering front-line services to our citizens while maintaining respect for the public tax dollar
  1. Legislative Services
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Service
  1. Financial Transactions
  • Support ongoing operations
  • Support reserves and reserve fund transfers to and from operating funds
  • Support taxation and payments in lieu of taxes
  • Support City-wide sources of revenue

Budget Committee has concluded its budget deliberations for 2020 and will reconvene in 2021 following consideration of the Region of Peel Budget.

The Budget Committee meeting schedule may change. Please visit the Council and Committee Calendar Listings for up-to-date information.

For more information on the City of Mississauga’s 2021 Budget and Business Plan visit City of Mississauga Budget