Mississauga’s Stormwater Charge in Ward 1

By July 30, 2021Resources, Ward 1

As a growing City and with climate change, more intense and frequent rainfall is putting a strain on Mississauga’s critical and often unseen stormwater infrastructure. The City’s stormwater system provides important benefits to all who live and work in Mississauga. Managing this system lessens the risk of flooding, reduces creek erosion and protects water quality. This protects you, your property, aquatic habitats, wildlife and Lake Ontario.

The Stormwater Charge is a dedicated funding source to keep our stormwater system in good working order and to help plan for costly repairs in the future. If you are a property owner in Mississauga, the charge appears on your Region of Peel water bill.

The Stormwater Charge maintains and renews more than 125 kilometres of storm sewer pipes, 11 creeks/rivers and 2 stormwater management facilities located in Ward 1.

Taking place in your Ward this year is the Applewood Creek Erosion Control – Lakeview Golf Course design and construction stormwater project. Learn more about stormwater projects in Ward 1.

To learn more about the City’s Stormwater Charge, visit stormwatercharge.ca