MiWay introduces first-ever 60 foot hybrid-electric buses in Ontario

By November 2, 2020Resources

MiWay has introduced 11 new, second-generation 60 foot hybrid-electric buses that are convertible to full battery power, helping to reduce the environmental impacts of public transit advancing the City of Mississauga’s commitment to zero-emission buses in its fleet. These are the first buses of its kind in Ontario and the third in Canada.

Features of the buses include:

Increased green benefits and cost savings

  • Start-stop engine technology that shuts down the engine while stopped at bus stops and automatically restarts when the brake is released – achieving up to 25 per cent fuel savings than conventional diesel-powered buses.
  • Reduced number of drive belts from four to one, reducing the potential of breakdowns on the road and lowering overall maintenance costs.
  • All electrically powered sub systems such as power steering, HVAC, passenger door operation and air brake compressor.

Increased safety

  • Three additional external cameras that provide external rear-views along both sides and rear of the bus.

Increased accessibility

  • All-electric “Smart Rider” accessible wheelchair ramp – capable of lateral kneeling and self-levelling to adjustable heights, assisting with customer safety.

Enhanced mechanical features

  • All-drive control mechanisms and battery storage systems that are mounted on the roof.
  • “Plug and play” components, helping to simplify the maintenance process.

The new buses are expected to be ready for on-street service in early 2021.