MiWay Services at 1400 Dixie Road

By April 28, 2021May 10th, 2021Resources, Ward 1

Service to 1400 Dixie Road was proposed as part of the streamlining of Route 5 Dixie to service Dixie Road from South Service Road to Lakeshore Road. Currently the route travels on Ogden Road to reach Lakeshore Road. The streamlining of Route 5 was proposed under the 2016-2020 MiWay 5 Transit Service Plan. Unfortunately, due to forthcoming construction at the Dixie Road/QEW Interchange as well as redevelopment of the Dixie Outlet Mall site that would impact our terminal, MiWay has delayed the proposed Route 5 changes until the completion of these projects. The timeline for completion of the Dixie Road interchange and Dixie Mall redevelopment is estimated to be 2024.

Following the completion of these projects, the customer demand and ridership will be analyzed on Route 5 to make sure any service change best serves our customers and makes the most efficient use of our available transit operators, buses, and infrastructure. The proposed streamlining of the Route 5 would impact nearly 1,000 customers daily on South Service Road, Ogden Road, and Lakeshore Road and therefore any changes to the route must consider the impact on travel patterns of existing riders.

Currently, demand for transit service at 1400 Dixie Road is minimal and the surrounding land use on Dixie Road between South Service Road and Lakeshore Road has limited potential to generate sufficient transit ridership to justify restructuring the Route 5 at this time.