Notice of CompletionDesign & Construction Report – QEW Improvements from East of Cawthra Rd to West of Etobicoke Creek

By September 29, 2021Issues, Ward 1

September 29,2021

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained AECOM Canada Ltd. (AECOM) to undertake a Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for improvements to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall. The project was split into two contracts. Construction of Contract 1 along the QEW  from east of Dixie Road to The East Mall commenced in September 2018 and is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2022. Contract 2 covers the works along QEW from east of Cawthra Road to west of Etobicoke Creek and is the focus of the Design and Construction Report (DCR) #2.

The proposed Detail Design improvements include:
• Replacement of the QEW / Dixie Road Underpass and reconfiguration of the QEW / Dixie
Road Interchange to a full-moves interchange including modifications to municipal roads;
• Replacement of the Ogden Pedestrian Bridge and structural culvert west of Dixie Road;
• Realignment of local service roads;
• Localized QEW widening to accommodate operational and safety improvements and to
maintain six lanes of traffic during construction;
• Drainage improvements including the addition of stormwater management ponds;
• Watermain and sanitary sewer works;
• Modifications to / installation of retaining walls, noise barriers, sign-structures, traffic signals
and illumination.

This project is following the approved planning process for a Group ‘B’ project under the MTO Class
EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000), with the opportunity for public input throughout the

A Design and Construction Report (DCR) has been prepared for Contract 2 and is available for aPlease be advised that the DCR for Contract 2, is available for a 30-day comment period. The DCR documents the study process, design details, environmental impacts and mitigation measures, and a summary of consultation undertaken. Please refer to attached Notice of Completion, Design and Construction Report (DCR) #2 for more information about the project and how to view DCR #2.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact a Project Team member listed in the attached notice or by emailing the Project Team at