Ontario Rental Registry

Learn about the new rental registry 

The Ontario Rental Registry is an online database where tenants can anonymously register their rents. The purpose of the registry is to track rising rents across the province. This will lead to better, publicly-available housing data that can help protect and create more affordable housing. You can access the registry by going to rental registry.ca.

The Rental Registry was created by a Montreal based non-profit, Vivre en Ville, with support from CMHC. The registry was first introduced in Quebec and has over 30,000+ rents voluntarily registered. The rental registry is easy, quick and secure as it was designed to be compliant with SOC2 cybersecurity standards.

Why ACORN supports the Ontario Rental Registry: 

  • Greater transparency for renters so they can make informed decisions about where they choose to live
  • Better housing data can help inform affordable housing policies
  • Over time, the rentalregistrywill track increases in the rents of individual units. This data will ensure tenants are not being charged more than the legal amount in cases where tenants’ rights are often not respected. For example: when tenants try to exercise the right to return to their unit at the same rent after major renovations (ie. renovictions) OR when a tenant has finished paying an ‘Above-the-Guideline-Increase’ (AGI) and their rent is supposed to be reduced. Better enforcement of these current provincial housing laws will help preserve existing affordable housing.