Our City, Our Future: Province Grants Mississauga’s Request for Independence – May 18, 2023

By May 22, 2023June 29th, 2023Announcement
On May 18, 2023, the Government of Ontario announced its decision to dissolve the Peel Region and make Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon independent, single-tier cities. For many decades, the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Town of Caledon have operated within a regional governance model. This announcement follows many years of advocacy by Mississauga, and will give the City greater control over its decision-making and the ability to focus on its own priorities.In February, Mississauga City Council unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming its desire to be a stand-alone, single-tier municipality and to separate from the Peel Region. On May 18, 2023, the province announced that a Transition Board will be appointed to facilitate the dissolution of the Peel Region, with all changes made by January 1, 2025. More details on the transition will be available in the days and weeks ahead.

Since the 1990s, Mississauga has been advocating to leave the Region of Peel. In 2005, former Mayor Hazel McCallion and Council advocated to the province to do so and were not successful. The same advocacy occurred in 2019 with the same result.

The City of Mississauga is pleased with the announcement from the province. It reflects years of advocacy by Mississauga for independence and a recognition that our city is ready to stand on its own and make its own decisions. We will work collaboratively with the province, the newly appointed Transition Board, and our partners at the Peel Region, City of Brampton and Town of Caledon to ensure the dissolution of the Peel Region is executed properly and that no one is left behind or out of pocket. While the announcement is positive, there is a great deal of work left to do in the months ahead. We are committed to ensuring the continuity of frontline and essential services across the Peel Region. Council and staff will work together to make sure Mississauga’s interests are protected and that the transition to an independent Mississauga is smooth and seamless.

There are many reasons Mississauga supports separation, but here are the main ones:

  • Saving taxpayers money, up to $1 billion over a decade (Source: 2019 EY Report)
  • Less duplication and greater efficiency in the delivery of programs and services to residents
  • Mississauga property tax dollars should be invested in Mississauga and on our priorities
  • Eliminating a layer of government
  • Making our own decisions, without having to ask permission from other municipalities
  • Building housing more quickly to reach our provincial housing target
  • Mississauga residents and taxpayers have been carrying the costs of the region for 50 years
  • An independent Mississauga will help reduce confusion for residents over “who does what” and will be more efficient as duplication with the Peel Region will be eliminated.

The financial analysis has always supported separation:

    • In 2005, financial analysis by Day and Day showed the City would save over $32 million per year through separation
    • In 2019, a report by EY showed Mississauga residents are over-contributing to the Peel Region by $84 million per year. Through separation, residents could save almost $1 billion over the next decade
    • This money belongs in Mississauga and should be invested in our city and our residents.
    • Mississauga has a strong track record of financial management, receiving a Triple A credit rating for 19 straight years. We are ready and capable of managing our own affairs.

How Will Separation Work?

Council and City staff will work with the province and our neighbours to ensure an orderly dissolution of the Region. Our commitment is that there will be no disruption in service during the separation process. Your garbage will still be picked up, our buses will still run on time and first responders will continue to respond to calls. Continuity of service is important, and we will notify all residents and businesses before any changes are made. Many of the other services provided by the Region can be absorbed in the City of Mississauga on a per-capita basis. Most other cities in Ontario handle all programs and services in their city and we can too.

For services, such as Peel Police and Paramedics, discussions will be had to determine how best they can be delivered under the new governance model. It is too early to make commitments but residents should be rest assured that they will still have access to quality police and ambulance services throughout this process.

More details and information will be available in the coming days, weeks and months as we work through this transition.

Visit http://www.mississauga.ca/ourcityourfuture to stay up to date.

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