Peel Region signs the Clean Air Council 2023-2027 Declaration on Climate Change and Air Quality

By October 30, 2023November 2nd, 2023Announcement

BRAMPTON, ON (Oct. 27, 2023) – Yesterday, Peel Region joined 40 other municipalities and health units across Ontario to sign the 2023-2027 Declaration on Climate Change and Air Quality, with a goal of expediting municipalities’ response to the climate emergency.

Peel has been a member of the Clean Air Council since its inception in 2000. During this time, Peel has collaborated with Clean Air Council members to develop and implement actions on clean air, climate change, sustainability and resilience.

The Declaration outlines the collective efforts and commits members to report on progress. This work has included air quality modelling for the Greater Toronto Area, a community of practice related to sustainable procurement and climate change mitigation and adaptation capacity building.

Many of the Declaration items align with Peel’s 2020-2030 Climate Change Master Plan. Peel’s participation in the Clean Air Council has been critical in moving forward on actions to improve air quality and tackle climate change collectively. The group facilitates information sharing between all tiers of government and provides opportunities to adopt initiatives which have proven successful in other municipalities.

While work on air quality and climate change slowed during the pandemic, implementing Peel’s Climate Change Master Plan and select health initiatives continued. Recent examples of Region of Peel work that aligns with the Declaration include:

  • The Net Zero Emission (NZE) Building Standard for New Construction for all Regionally owned buildings and facilities
  • Affordable Housing’s Energy and Emissions Management Plans, a detailed, holistic plan that leverages the 100-year capital plan for State of Good Repair, sets GHG reduction targets for housing, identifies timelines and costs at a portfolio scale
  • Developing the NZE Building retrofit standard – a first in Ontario – applies to all buildings owned by the Region – in progress
  • Assessing the Cost of Adapting Regional Infrastructure to Climate Risk from multiple climate hazards and providing cost estimates – in progress
  • The updated Peel Public Health Climate Change and Health Vulnerability Assessment and ongoing assessment and mapping of vulnerability indicators

“Past involvement in the Clean Air Council and support for the Intergovernmental Declarations has demonstrated high value, including strengthening our municipal networks and seeing the fuller breadth of climate solutions. I’m proud to have the Region of Peel sign on again to help accelerate priorities that improve air quality and climate outcomes.”
Christine Tu, Director, Office of Climate Change and Energy Management, Peel Region

“Participation in the Intergovernmental Declarations has allowed Peel to further air quality and climate change actions. It has been instrumental in building capacity and partnerships across the membership and coordinating responses across the various jurisdictions. The coordinated activities help to reduce the impacts of poor air quality and climate change on the health of our respective communities.”
Louise Aubin, Director, Health Protection, Peel Region