PROJECT UPDATE Watermain Replacement and Improvement Dundas Street East from Dixie Road to Etobicoke Creek

By June 20, 2023Resources

The Region of Peel has been working in your area to replace the watermain on Dundas Street East from Dixie Road to Etobicoke Creek.
At this time, we have:
• Replaced portions of the watermain on Dundas Street East,
• Temporarily repaired the driveways, road, curbs, and sidewalk where disturbed by the watermain replacement work.

The remaining work will be completed under the next phase of the project. We will shutdown the work on site and clean up the week of June 19, 2023. We will leave the construction site in a safe condition for the next two months. Some pipes and other materials will remain on site until they are ready to be installed during the next construction phase.

Schedule for remaining construction and repair work
We expect to start work again in September 2023 to complete the following:
• Replace the remaining watermain on Dundas Street East,
• Construct a tunneled section of watermain under Little Etobicoke Creek,
• Connect properties to the new watermain by replacing individual water service pipes/boxes on Dundas Street East,
• Temporarily repair the driveways, road, curbs, sidewalks, and sod (grass), where disturbed by the watermain replacement work.
We plan to complete this work by the end of 2024.

More details about the remaining work will be shared in a follow-up notice.

City of Mississauga roadwork and bus rapid transit project
The Region of Peel remains committed to coordinating our work with the City of Mississauga’s roadwork and Dundas Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project scheduled for 2025 on Dundas Street East (pending budget and council approval).

As this roadwork may impact the driveway, boulevard, street, curbs, and sidewalks, we will:
• Pave only the areas of the street directly disturbed,
• Fix damaged sidewalks and curbs using asphalt,
• Patch your driveway to cover any places we disturbed, as the future roadwork may affect the bottom of your driveway. After the city paves your street, the driveway will be repaired by paving a stripe over the disturbed area, resulting in minimal seams in the final driveway.

Peel Region’s repairs are temporary, as the city will complete restoration as part of their roadwork. Your city will send you a separate notice about their construction.

More information on the Dundas Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project can be found by contacting the City of Mississauga or visiting

Important note
This upcoming construction will take place in the municipal right-of-way, the land owned by your city located between the street and your water service box (small, round metal valve in either your driveway or lawn). This work may impact the bottom of your driveway and the area around the sidewalk. We therefore recommend delaying any driveway paving or major landscaping until after the Region of Peel and the city have completed all construction work.

Settlement of the ground
It is normal for repaired areas to settle a bit in the coming months. If you notice large potholes forming in the driveway, street, lawn or boulevard, please let us know and we will ensure the contractor fixes this.

Keeping you informed
We will let you know if there are any major changes to the plans.
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Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. This work will allow us to continue providing you with high quality tap water. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Water Linear Engineering and Reliability
Engineering Services Division
Public Works, Region of Peel
Phone: 905-791-7800 ext. 4409