QEW-Dixie Interchange Project – Letter to Councillor Dasko from MTO

By February 28, 2019March 19th, 2019Issues

(dated March 19, 2019)

Dear Councillor Dasko:

Thank you for your interest in the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Improvement Project from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall. As a follow-up to our January 28, 2019 meeting, I am updating you on your request for a Fall Public Meeting.

We agree that public consultation is important. As you are aware, Contract 1 that extends along the QEW from west of Etobicoke Creek to The East Mall started in Summer 2018 with construction anticipated to be complete by Winter 2021, subject to weather and construction progress. Prior to and during Contract 1, we have conducted extensive public consultation and will continue to do so throughout the life of this project.

Contract 2 that covers the works along QEW from east of Cawthra Road to west of Etobicoke Creek is currently in the early stages of detail design and will continue into 2020.

We anticipate public consultation for Contract 2 to begin in 2021 with construction start anticipated to begin in Spring 2022. Public consultation may include a public information centre, brochure delivery and updates to our website, among other methods.

At this time, we have no further information beyond what was presented at the Public Information Centre in December 2017.

Should you or your constituents have any questions or concerns in the meanwhile, we have set up this website and email for the public to contact us at:

Website http://www.qewdixiedetaildesign.ca

Email ProjectTeam@QEWDixieDetailDesign.ca

Thank you again for your interest in the QEW Improvement Project. Going forward, we will continue to keep you informed as the project progresses.



Wan Chi Ma, P.Eng.

Senior Project Engineer | Planning & Design

Highway Engineering

Ministry of Transportation

159 Sir William Hearst Avenue, 4th Floor

Toronto, ON M3M 0B7