Region of Peel Remains Committed to Continuous Improvement

By December 3, 2020Issues

December 3, 2020

The Region of Peel continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing services that are effective and efficient, which provide value for the residents’ tax dollars. This commitment ensures that the Region remains innovative in order to improve community outcomes.

The Region developed a Continuous Improvement Program to ensure client needs and user experiences are the focus of improvement initiatives which help to save and avoid costs. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the Region to find ways to adapt and transform service delivery to ensure the health and safety of the community, while continuing to drive positive outcomes.

Over the past 11 months, 40 improvement initiatives were completed – with cost savings of $2.47 million and cost avoidance of $3.91 million. Some of the initiatives completed include:

  • Leveraging existing channels to deliver Peel Infant Parent Program (PIPP) and the Learning in Our Neighborhood (LION) programs through EarlyON service providers resulting in a cost avoidance of $639,000;
  • Achieving $364,000 cost avoidance using Call Back Technology and avoiding the hiring of additional staff to maintain service levels with COVID-19 inquiries;
  • Shifting to on-line education and outreach to students in the Waste service, saving $350,000 annually;
  • Removing generators in Suite A and using an oversized generator in Suite B to power up both buildings to 100 per cent capacity, resulting in $700,000 in capital savings;
  • Managing external Legal resources roster with $85,000 in cost avoidance;
  • Achieving $360K cost savings for the procurement of energy with multiple suppliers vs. single supplier and an estimated $170,000 cost avoidance through the benefit of competitive supplier prices; and,
  • Achieving $261,000 cost avoidance in time saved through an improved on-boarding process.

The financial benefits achieved from the program will be reflected in the 2021 budget report to Council on Jan. 28, 2021.

“Reducing the need for increased taxes on residents and businesses in Peel, while ensuring that services are delivered effectively and efficiently is what the Region of Peel strives for,” said Kathryn Lockyer, Interim Commissioner of Corporate Services. “These initiatives lead to improved client experience, enhanced staff well-being, and positive community outcomes, which all contribute to the Region’s vision to build a Community for Life in Peel.”

“Due to the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, new process adaptions were identified and implemented. Throughout this challenging year, 40 Continuous Improvement Initiatives were completed with $2.47M in cost savings and $3.91M in cost avoidance,” said Stephen Van Ofwegen, Commissioner of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. “The Region has remained committed to delivering services that provide value to taxpayers.”