Severe Wind Warning

By March 1, 2021Issues, Ward 1

News Release – Alectra Utilities Wind Warning – March 1 2021

The Government of Canada has issued a special weather statement in advance of the severe winds expected in Peel Region this afternoon and evening. Alectra is preparing to move crews from other regions in our service territory as well as calling in additional crews and licensed contractors in preparation for the outages that may occur. They will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power, taking the conditions into account.

Customers can alert Alectra to an outage by either Reporting Online or calling 1-833-ALECTRA (1-833-253-2872).

Please be reminded to stay at least 10 metres – the length of a school bus – away from any electrical hazard. They should also assume that any downed lines are “live”, even they’re not jumping or sparking.