Statement from Regional Chair Nando Iannicca: Transition Board update

By January 29, 2024Issues

BRAMPTON, ON (Jan. 26, 2024) – “The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Minister Paul Calandra, has provided clarity on the renewed mandate of the Transition Board for Peel Region. In a letter received today, the Minister underscored the focus on enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of local government in Peel. This follows the December 2023 announcement that Peel Region would not be dissolved.  The Transition Board’s recalibrated mandate includes the following objectives:

  • Accelerating the building of homes in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon to increase housing supply.
  • Reducing duplication and removing layers of bureaucracy from the administration of services.
  • Ensuring the continuity of services for local residents.
  • Recognizing the importance of value for money, financial sustainability and high-quality services delivered in an efficient manner.

It was also shared that the Transition Board will provide recommendations on the potential transfer of Peel Region services to the City of Mississauga, the City of Brampton, and the Town of Caledon. These services are land use planning, water and wastewater management, regional roads, and waste management. According to the letter, all other services currently delivered by Peel Region are considered out of scope.

The Minister anticipates receiving recommendations from the Transition Board by Spring 2024.

We will continue to work with the Province and the Transition Board to provide the information needed to inform decisions and to gain clarity on the updated mandate”.

~ Peel Regional Chair, Nando Iannicca