Vacuum Leaf Collection Program VLCP

By October 12, 2021October 14th, 2021Resources, Ward 1

Please see an update from our Transportation & Works Department –

This year, 61 streets have been added to the program. Residents eligible for VLCP will receive a postcard in the mail with their collection dates. These cards are delivered on a staggered schedule so that they arrive approximately two weeks before the zone’s first pickup.

Residents are instructed to rake leaves to the boulevard or onto their ditch side by the Sunday prior to their leaf collection dates. Leaves should not be raked onto the road or into the ditch bottom as this can cause catch basins and ditches to become blocked and impact road drainage when it rains.

Residents who miss their leaf pickup, or who have additional leaves to collect after the program has ended, can rake their leaves into open reusable containers or paper yard waste bags and place them curbside for pick up by the Region of Peel on their regular waste collection day until December 10, 2021. This option will ensure collection of their leaves regardless of the weather. This option is also available to residents who do not qualify for the VLCP.