2024 Pipeline Maintenance Activity

Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. (TNPI) operates pipelines regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) to safely transport the refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, aviation, and heating fuel) used by Canadian businesses and consumers every day. These pipelines connect refineries in Nanticoke, Ontario, and Montreal to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with lateral pipelines to Ottawa as well as to Pearson International Airport and Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport. We are committed to operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to protect the public, the environment, and the pipelines.

This letter is being delivered to you because our pipelines are in proximity to your home or business and we would like to advise you of some upcoming work on these pipelines.

Metrolinx is currently building an 18-kilometer light rail transit (LRT) line along the surface of Hurontario Street, between the cities of Mississauga and Brampton. The Hazel McCallion LRT Project will cross two TNPI 273.1 mm and 508 mm (NPS 10 and NPS 20) pipelines at the intersection of Hurontario Street and North Service Road/Harborn Road (refer to attached figure).

In support of Metrolinx’s Hazel McCallion LRT project, there will be some maintenance activities involving the TNPI pipelines in your area. Maintenance activities on the NPS 10 pipeline are expected to be completed in two phases:
• Phase 1 will commence on or around March 18, 2024, to access and assess the pipeline prior to extending the protective casing surrounding the pipeline, taking approximately one week to complete.
• Phase 2 will include construction work for the casing extension and is expected to commence in July 2024. This activity is anticipated to be completed within two weeks.

The maintenance work associated to the NPS 10 will be conducted on the southwest corner of Hurontario Street and Harborn Road and will include limited tree and vegetation pruning/removal near the work area. Crews will use hand tools, such as chainsaws and pruners, to remove trees and other vegetation that grows near the existing pipeline.

Maintenance activities will involve closing the curb lanes, southbound on Hurontario Street and eastbound on Harborn Road, to accommodate the equipment and ensure the safety of the maintenance workers. The lanes will be closed for the duration of the work, which is expected to take a week for the phase one work and 2 – 3 weeks for the phase two work. Please note there will be a potential increase in traffic, dust, and noise during these periods, and additional lighting on the work site may be required during these two phases of work. TNPI will have a full-time presence during these maintenance activities (7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday), either with TNPI personnel and/or a TNPI representative. Both phases of the NPS 10 pipeline maintenance work are anticipated to be completed by late July 2024.

TNPI’s NPS 20 pipeline is expected to be relocated to accommodate the Hazel McCallion LRT project. Design work is ongoing and construction on this pipeline is not expected to begin until 2025. Further communications will be provided for the work associated with the NPS 20 pipeline later this year.

If you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming activity, please contact Lisa Dornan (403-476-1593 or ldornan@tnpi.ca). More information on TNPI can be found at www.tnpi.ca. For details on the overall Hazel McCallion Light Rail Transit project, please contact Metrolinx at peel@metrolinx.com or visit Metrolinx’s website at www.metrolinx.com/hazelmccallionline.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc.