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QEW-Dixie Interchange Project – Letter to Councillor Dasko from MTO

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(dated March 19, 2019)

Dear Councillor Dasko:

Thank you for your interest in the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Improvement Project from east of Cawthra Road to The East Mall. As a follow-up to our January 28, 2019 meeting, I am updating you on your request for a Fall Public Meeting.

We agree that public consultation is important. As you are aware, Contract 1 that extends along the QEW from west of Etobicoke Creek to The East Mall started in Summer 2018 with construction anticipated to be complete by Winter 2021, subject to weather and construction progress. Prior to and during Contract 1, we have conducted extensive public consultation and will continue to do so throughout the life of this project.

Contract 2 that covers the works along QEW from east of Cawthra Road to west of Etobicoke Creek is currently in the early stages of detail design and will continue into 2020.

We anticipate public consultation for Contract 2 to begin in 2021 with construction start anticipated to begin in Spring 2022. Public consultation may include a public information centre, brochure delivery and updates to our website, among other methods.

At this time, we have no further information beyond what was presented at the Public Information Centre in December 2017.

Should you or your constituents have any questions or concerns in the meanwhile, we have set up this website and email for the public to contact us at:



Thank you again for your interest in the QEW Improvement Project. Going forward, we will continue to keep you informed as the project progresses.



Wan Chi Ma, P.Eng.

Senior Project Engineer | Planning & Design

Highway Engineering

Ministry of Transportation

159 Sir William Hearst Avenue, 4th Floor

Toronto, ON M3M 0B7







Port Credit Bridge Maintenance Status

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All of the City’s bridges are inspected every two years following OSIM (Ontario’s Structural Inspection Manual) to ensure they are kept in good condition. The structure at Lakeshore Road over the Credit River was constructed in 1960, rehabilitated in 2007 and has undergone periodic maintenance. The next scheduled OSIM inspection is to take place this spring.


This structure is currently scheduled for rehabilitation in 2022. Leading up to the rehabilitation we will be initiating detailed condition survey and design work in 2020. This will include conducting a detailed analysis of the structure’s load capacity and fatigue investigation.

Senior – Income Tax and Other Resources

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Be a Good Neighbour, Clear Your Walk

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Play your role in keeping your community safe by keeping your sidewalk clear of snow and ice after a snowfall ends.

Offer a helping hand to older adults and persons with physical disabilities in your neighbourhood by clearing their sidewalks. Treat slippery surfaces in front of your home to ensure that older adults, students walking to schools and bus stops, and other pedestrians have a safe path to travel in front of your home. You can make this a fun winter activity by involving kids and young family members.

Always remember when you dig out your car or shovel your driveway, place the snow on your lawn and not on the street. Placing snow from your driveway or parking lot on the road is illegal under the Obstructing Highways By-law.

The City of Mississauga clears sidewalks along major roads and other priority areas where there is access to hospitals, schools and transit. To see a map of these sidewalks visit

Directory at the City — Know Who to Call —

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3-1-1 for direct access to municipal government programs and services in Peel:

  • garbage pick up
  • water billing
  • tax information


2-1-1 for confidential information and referral to non-emergency community, health and social services in Peel:

  • employment leads
  • doctors accepting new patients
  • social housing resources


9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies or crimes:

  • a fire
  • a crime in progress
  • a medical emergency


Additional Resources

  • Animal Services (emergency)  – 905-896-5858
  • By-Law Enforcement – 905-896-5655
  • Enbridge – 905-276-3400
  • Alectra Utilities (Streetlights) – 905-566-2718
  • Fire and Emergency Services – 905-615-3777
  • GO Transit – 416-869-3200
  • MPAC (Assessments) – 905-813-2083
  • Parks Watch Hotline – 905-615-4060
  • Police (non-emergency) – 905-453-3311
  • Public Health – 905-799-7700
  • Recreation – 905-615-4100
  • TransHelp – 905-791-1015
  • Transit (MiWay Customer Service) – 905-615-4636
  • Waste Management – 905-791-9499

City Awarded Continuous Improvement Excellence Award

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The City of Mississauga was awarded the 2018 Continuous Improvement Excellence Award by Leading Edge Group based on the progress and commitment it has made to sustainable continuous improvement over the past three years.

The award criteria focused on five pillars of overall operational excellence in continuous improvement: strategy; capability; capacity; improvements that have been realized; and improvements that have been sustained.

The City’s Lean Program was established as a permanent resource in 2016 following a small pilot, with the goal of strengthening the culture of continuous improvement across the organization. It focuses on focuses on creating improvements to business processes and enhancing customer-focused thinking

Property Tax Rebate Program

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Property Tax Rebate Program  

Together with local municipalities including the City of Mississauga, the Region of Peel provides annual property tax rebates to eligible low-income seniors and low-income disabled persons to provide relief from financial hardship.

Eligible low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities must apply annually to receive the rebate. Application forms must be completed and returned to the local municipality in which the property is located.

Eligibility requirements and application forms are available at the City of Mississauga Civic Centre, located at 300 City Centre Dr. They are also available online.

Learn more at

Community Recognition Program

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Community Recognition Program

The City of Mississauga’s Community Recognition Program provides the opportunity to recognize and celebrate special occasions and events which foster a spirit of community, celebrate Mississauga’s diverse cultures and contribute to enriching the quality of life in Mississauga.

Organizations can request recognition in the form of either a flag raising or lighting of the Civic Centre clock tower.

Please note:

  • Flag raising and lighting requests must be submitted at least six weeks in advance.
  • Organizations can select only one recognition option (flag raising or lighting) per year.
  • Requests must be made annually; they will not carry over year after year.


For more information or to request a community recognition, visit

Animal Care 

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The well-being of animals is always top of mind in our neighbourhoods. It’s important that residents understand the City’s Animal Care and Control By-Law. It sets standards of care to help protect animals and ensure they are cared for by their owners. 

Extreme Weather

When the snow falls and frigid temperatures set in, don’t forget about your furry animal friends. Pets cannot be left outdoors during extreme weather, except for brief walks or washroom breaks. The exception is for animals that have access to adequate shelter. Some breeds can live outside during winter as long as they have proper shelter. Do your research – an Alaskan Malamute may be outside in a doghouse while a Whippet can’t handle the cold. 

Adequate Shelter – Doghouses

If your dog or a neighbour’s dog lives outside, it must have access to a doghouse that is large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, lie down and stretch out. The walls, floor and ceiling of the shelter must be insulated and interior walls must be covered to prevent the dog from coming into contact with the insulation. The doghouse must be clean with dry bedding such as straw and there must be a door flap during winter months to keep cold winds and snow at bay. And finally, the doghouse must comply with the City’s Zoning By-law. 

Veterinary Care

It’s up to owners to ensure their pet has regular veterinary care including vaccinations to support good health and to attend to any signs of injury or disease. 

Pens and Enclosures

Dogs must be kept in an enclosure that is a minimum of 9.3 m2 or 100 ft2.  If there is more than one dog, the pen must be increased by 2.8 m2 or 30 ft2. Pets must be taken out of the pen and not tethered for at least four hours at a time within a 24 hour period. Put some thought into your pet’s living conditions as the pens must be clean, sanitary, safe and secure. 


Did you know that pets can only be tethered for a total of four hours in a 24 hour period? Tethered pets must be in their owner’s view and have at least 3 m or 9.84 ft. to ensure the dog can travel safely and access shelter and water.