Promoting active and healthy school travel at Mississauga schools

By August 31, 2022Issues, Resources, Ward 1

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School Walking Routes

The School Walking Routes program promotes active travel, such as walking or travelling by bike, wheelchair or other mobility devices, to and from school. School Route signs installed around the neighbourhood guide the way to schools and alert drivers to watch for children.

The program was created in 2008 by citizen volunteers from the Traffic Safety Council and supported by City staff. It is now part of the Vision Zero Action Plan as an approved action (action 91), and it helps the City reach its goal of zero fatal and serious collisions on the road.

What’s included in the program

For participating schools, the City will:


  • Survey school communities to identify school routes regularly taken by students and families
  • Review the survey results and coordinate an audit of the travel routes to decide the best option
  • Install School Route signs along the selected routes
  • Coordinate a program launch event to encourage active travel
  • Provide activities and resources to schools to promote active travel, including a custom Routes to School map