Beer Label for Front Line Heroes

By December 4, 2020Events

In a collaborative effort with Stonehooker Brewery and Fair Grounds Coffee, I am pleased to announce this terrific initiative, a competition among local artists to design a beer label as a special edition to recognize our front line workers.

This morning, Ann Ivy Male, of Pixie Blue Studio, Stonehooker Brewery and I awarded Joanne Feely DeGraaf as the winner of the competition.

Also in attendance was:

  • Imran Hasan and Ron Duquette, representing the Mississauga Arts Council
  • Brian Sutherland from Argo Development Corporation representing the Lakeview Community Village Partners
  • Jeff Stinson, collaborator at Fair Grounds Coffee
  • Adam Cherry, Stonehooker Brewmaster

Joanne has elected to donate half of her prize back to The Compass, and together Fair Grounds and Stonehooker have agreed to donate another $500 to the cause.

Seen below is the winning artwork:

Message from the winner, Joanne Feely DeGraff:

“One of the most remarkable things about the Covid-19 experience is how it has highlighted the impact
small things can have. While this is true of the virus itself, it is also true of our collective human
experience. The small choices and acts we participate in send positive or negative waves out into our
communities. Regardless of their personal sacrifices, front line workers have contributed so much to
keep us collectively moving in a positive direction. The designs I submitted for the Front Line Heroes
project are meant to visualize some of their large and small acts of everyday heroism that mean so
much to so many. The design is meant to build awareness of their efforts and sacrifices as well as
give thanks to our Front Line Heroes.

The small white icons are meant to illustrate many of the activities and services that front line workers
have provided since our lives changed with Covid-19. These icons were scratched by hand onto a
material called scraper board. This media simulates the ancient “sgraffito” technique. Scraper board
allows me to capture the motion of drawing, which in turn conveys a sense of action in the images. I
hoped to capture the myriad of activities Front Line Heroes have provided in a way that conveys the
spirit and action of the people they represent.

The original hand drawn art was then scanned and edited digitally. Other elements such as the lines
and colours were then added to pull the design together and add some visual structure. I wanted
these elements to be reminiscent of an athletic logo as I feel it suggested team spirit. I hope this
communicates how we are each working together to face the challenges of Covid-19, but in a way that
celebrates how our Front Line Heroes are leading the way.”