City leash- free zones

By October 17, 2019Issues, Resources

October 17, 2019

Parks, Forestry, and Environment are currently reviewing the Parks By-law and are looking to solicit feedback from residents regarding items related to City leash- free zones and dog walker permits.  In 2014, staff consulted with the public on these issues and implemented the following:

  • A dog walker permit process that allowed a commercial dog walker to have 5 to 8 dogs in their care at one time.
  • No age restrictions for children entering the leash-free zones.


Staff will be sending a survey out, working with Leash Free Mississauga to send to their membership, Animal Services, and to send to all current dog walker permit owners.  We would encourage you to share the survey as well to solicit feedback on this topic.  The survey will be available until October 31st, 2019.

Survey Link: