COVID-19 Response Continues

COVID-19 Response Continues: Call for Funding, Temporary Patios, Active Transportation Recovery Framework, Deferral of Municipal Accommodation Tax and New Mandatory Face Covering By-law

COVID-19 | July 8, 2020

Today, Mississauga City Council reviewed and approved initiatives in relation to COVID-19 including: a call for funding from provincial and federal governments, time limited amendments to City by-laws to facilitate temporary patios, an Active Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Framework, a three-month deferral of the Municipal Accommodation Tax and a new by-law requiring face coverings in indoor public spaces accessible to the public.

“We’ve listened to residents and businesses and we’re taking action to make it easier to enter into Stage 2 safely,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Temporary patios will give our local restaurants the room to do more and give people more options for enjoyment in our City. Deferral of the Municipal Accommodation Tax will give our hoteliers the options they need. Expanding cycling and pedestrian lanes gives people more options to move around our City. And, as reopening is underway, we have approved a by-law for face coverings in indoor public spaces to help protect the health and safety of our City and get through this pandemic more quickly.”

Call for Federal and Provincial Funding

Council approved a motion calling on the federal and provincial governments to provide:

  • emergency financial assistance to municipalities equal to the amount requested by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
  • timely approval of Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) projects and immediately flow the money to municipalities
  • stimulus funding programs to spur economic recovery and address the growing fiscal burden faced by municipalities

In addition, Council is requesting the Government of Ontario and Minister of Finance review the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) formula, specifically the elimination of the current five percent cap.

For complete details, view the full motion.

Temporary Patios

Council approved a temporary use by-law that permits temporary outdoor restaurant patios on both public and private property. As part of the approval, Council also waived the fees and some of the requirements under the Business Licensing By-law and Noise Control By-laws.

Temporary Patios on Public Lands

Temporary patios proposed on the City’s municipal road right-of-way or a municipal parking lot require a Temporary Patio Permit.

Restaurants: apply online

A dedicated staff team is in place to review applications as they are received.

Restaurants with questions regarding the application process, can contact the City at or can call 905-615-3200 ext. 5593 or ext. 8581. For public safety, temporary patios will not be considered on municipal road right-of-ways with posted speed limits over 50 km/h.

Temporary Patios on Private Lands

For temporary patios on private lands, no permit is required. However, patios must adhere to design requirements. Restaurants should seek the permission of the owner or property manager prior to installation.

Temporary restaurant patios are permitted with Mississauga’s move into Stage 2 of Ontario’s Framework for Reopening Our Province provided proper health and safety measures are in place. All local businesses must adhere to guidelines from the Province of Ontario and the Region of Peel. New resources available to support businesses reopen and recover at

Active Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Framework

Council approved a report for an Active Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Framework.  Starting this summer, the City will introduce more short-term and long-term active transportation options for cyclists and pedestrians that allow for safe physical distancing.

For details view the report: The City of Mississauga’s Active Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Framework

Deferral of Municipal Accommodation Tax

To provide further assistance to hoteliers, Council approved deferral of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) for the additional months of  June to November 2020. Tax due on June 30 and July 31 was deferred to October 31; August 31 and September 30 to November 30; and October 31 and November 30 to December 31, 2020.  Penalty and interest charges are to be set to zero per cent from July 2 to December 31. An initial deferral of the MAT was done on April 8.

Mandatory Face Coverings By-law For Indoor Public Spaces Accessible to the Public

Mississauga City Council approved a new by-law requiring face coverings to be worn in all indoor public spaces that are accessible to the public.  The by-law is in effect as of July 10, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Details

To stay informed on COVID-19 impacts on City services, please visit: or call 311.