Dixie/Dundas/Blundell Roads – GO Station Issue

Councillor Dasko and Councillor Fonseca called a meeting with various agencies to this the ongoing issues at the commercial centre/GO station on the south-east corner of Dundas Street East and Dixie Road in May, 2019.

In attendance were Traffic Management and Municipal Parking staff, representatives from The Region of Peel, Metrolinx, the commercial property management (Fieldgate) and LEA Consulting.  The discussions continued from the meeting of May 10th, dealing with traffic concerns related to queuing, parking lot grid-lock and traffic and pedestrian safety within the internal road network.  Additionally, we discussed the results of recent traffic data analysis collected by LEA Consulting.

From the traffic data analysis, it was clear that the most significant pressures were a result of traffic generated from the GO parking lot upon train arrivals.  This occurs in short intervals of about 10 minutes, approximately twice an hour.  Queuing along the internal roadway was resulting in motorists being unable to exit the parking lot in what is perceived to be a reasonable amount of time.

To address this, and alleviate some of the congestion, Traffic Signals and Systems have implemented a specific timing plan at the intersection of Dixie Road and Blundell Road that would respond to train arrivals.  The timing would be in effect for these short peaks and work to help alleviate some of the queuing within the private roadway by allowing more access to Dixie Road.  Additionally, The Region of Peel agreed to pursue potential changes to the lane designations at the intersection exiting the GO/commercial property at the Dixie Road intersection.  This would provide an exclusive right-turn lane that would further help to alleviate some of the queueing experienced on the internal roadway during these peak times.  Metrolinx staff will be reviewing internally with their operations staff, recommendations related to onsite road markings and traffic controls that would further alleviate some of the pressures generated from their train arrivals.

With respect to the traffic safety issues within the commercial area of the property, the results of the data analysis failed to identify a pattern related to speeding or right-of-way that would require improvement through physical changes.  They will continue to monitor to ensure motorists entering the property from at Neilco Court and Jarrow Avenue are not queuing back to Dundas Street East.

Regarding pedestrian flow and safety within the parking lot, Fieldgate will be working with Metrolinx, Walmart and Costco to ensure there are proper sidewalks and pedestrian refuge between the properties.  Most notably along the internal roadway between the Metrolinx property and the Walmart parking lot.

A third meeting has not been scheduled.  Staff are recommending a period of monitoring to evaluate the impact the proposed improvements have on the situation and follow up as necessary.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at your convenience.


Maxwell Gill, C.E.T.

Supervisor, Traffic Operations   T 905-615-3200 ext.4539 | F 905-896-5583  max.gill@mississauga.ca

City of Mississauga | Transportation and Works Department