Fire Station 102 Renovation

By September 27, 2023Announcement, Resources, Ward 1

Fire Station 102, 710 Third Street, was built in 1979, it is 4,700 sq. ft.  There is currently one fire apparatus and one crew operating from this location.  With the population growth in the community since 1979 and the future planned growth, Lakeview and Brightwater to name a few, expanding the fire station to accommodate a future second apparatus and second crew is necessary to ensure that Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services is able to maintain efficient response capabilities.

In addition the extensive renovation and 885 sq. ft. addition will provide the accessibility, health and safety, and inclusive facility amenities necessary for a modern fire service.

Pre-construction site preparation has started, construction will start in October.  We anticipate the station will be completed by fall 2024.

Please see below for artistic renderings of the stations.