Lakefront Promenade Park and R. K. McMillan Park Update

By March 25, 2021Issues, Resources, Ward 1

There are a number of lifecycle repairs in Lakefront Promenade Park and R. K. McMillan Park that include the reconstruction of asphalt trails, replacement of wooden boardwalks, concrete paving, stone retaining walls, and marina boardwalk light bollards.

Some of these projects are complete, and some have been delayed due to the Provincial Order and COVID19 construction stoppage and material availability.  Work will reconvene shortly, as delays are dealt with and the targeted completion is the spring of 2021 pending no further delays or industry impacts.

In addition, the replacement of the marina dock system and fuel dock & dispensing station, are currently underway adjacent to the Marina concession.  Work will be completed by May 1st to coincide with boating season.

Finally, the Waterfront Parks Strategy Refresh is the most recent waterfront park strategy document that makes plan recommendations for all waterfront parks including R. K. McMillan Park. We updated the original plan to incorporate changes from our Future Directions Master Plan and other master plans (i.e. Climate Change Action Plan).