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March 2021


Temporary Traffic Signals:

Motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians will notice that the installation of temporary traffic signals is now complete at the intersections in Mississauga South between Park Street and Pinetree Way. These signals have now been energized.

Boreholes and Test Pits:

The drilling of boreholes and environmental test pits investigations are complete between Park Street and Inglewood Drive. Geotechnical investigations are currently being conducted in the QEW area.


Median has been removed at the Mineola intersection. The lights in the middle of the median have also been relocated to poles on either side of Hurontario Street.

Tree Protections, Trimming, and Removals:

Some tree removal is necessary in order to make way for the LRT infrastructure and streetscaping improvements. We’ll begin with protections for as many trees as possible, this is currently being installed between Park Street and Eaglewood Boulevard. A qualified arborist has identified trees requiring trimming and removal, which will begin this month in the Mary Fix Creek and Port Credit GO areas. We will be in in contact with private property owners regarding the trees that require trimming and/or removal on their property over the next couple of weeks. Any trees that are removed will be replaced according to City of Mississauga Bylaws.

Mary Fix Creek:

To accommodate floodwall construction this spring, construction crews will begin creek diversion works. This will involve the sandbagging of one side of the creek while maintaining the water flow. The work will begin on south side of the creek and then switch to the north side. This staged work  plan minimizes any environmental impact on the creek.

Port Credit GO Station:

Customers and nearby residents will have noticed that construction crews have already mobilized in both the north and south parking lots at the GO station.

In the north parking lot, demolition of the existing parking lot bridges is expected to begin in April.

In the south parking lot, removal of some catch basins (rainwater collection openings  and light poles continues.

This will be followed by shoring involving the installation of piles to support the excavated area.

Impacts to GO customers and nearby residents will include:

  • The temporary loss of GO Transit parking spaces in both lots. Some parking spaces will be permanently closed in the south lot.
  • A sidewalk detour will be implemented in the coming weeks at the south/east corner of the parking lot at Hurontario Street and Park Street.

This work involves the installation of a pipe and connecting it to the storm and sanitary system. This work will begin in late March 2021.

Traction Power Substations (TPSS):

Soil resistivity testing at select Traction Power Substations (TPSS) is now complete. This was done to gather information on how much the soil resists or conducts electric current and will contribute to the design of the electrical grounding systems for the TPSS that will help power the LRVs.

Nighttime Works:

Nighttime works are planned for mid to late April when roadway traffic is at a minimum. These works involve traffic line painting and setting up of temporary bus platforms. Once these works are scheduled, they are expected to be completed in two nights. A construction notice is being sent to nearby residents and businesses.

Temporary Bus Platforms:

The table below outlines the temporary platforms that are expected when the utility works commence this spring.


Safety is our number one priority and a shared responsibility. Please note and follow construction signage as you walk, cycle or drive along Hurontario Street. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Metrolinx Community Relations team at 416-202-7500 or email

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