“Mississauga” by emerging rapper, Mikey Bloom wins the 50th Anniversary Anthem Contest!

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Mississauga Arts Council (MAC), Metalworks Studios, and SoundsUnite are pleased to announce the 50th Anthem Anniversary Contest winner, an emerging rapper who grew up in Mississauga, Mikey Bloom with his anthem “Mississauga”.

“I am truly honoured and thankful for this opportunity to be a part of Mississauga’s history,” says Mikey Bloom, 50th Anthem Anniversary Contest Winner. “This song is our collective celebration and is shared by us all. To those hearing my music for the first time, this is the greatest introduction I could ask for and I’m glad we could meet this way. Mississauga made me and now I made “Mississauga”.

“Some time ago, I had a vision to do something exceptional and special to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the City of Mississauga, this is where the 50th Anniversary Anthem Contest idea came to life,” says Ward 1 Councillor, Stephen Dasko, “My initiative was received with open arms by Metalworks Studios, SoundsUnite, Mississauga Arts Council, and the creative industries at the City of Mississauga, who collectively came together to host this song contest. I am very excited with the song selected and my heartfelt congratulations to the artist Mickey Bloom who will now be a part of Mississauga’s history.”

“As we mark five decades of growth and unity in Mississauga, our 50th Anniversary Anthem stands as a testament to the city’s evolution,” notes Gil Moore, Founder and CEO of Metalworks Studios, “By weaving the unique narratives of each neighbourhood into a dynamic composition, Mikey Bloom’s song is a timeless reflection of our shared history. This anthem is a musical celebration and a statement of Mississauga’s boundless potential.”

Jurors Murray Daigle, Music Producer, Songwriter, and Mixer; Demetrius Nath, Owner of antiskeptic entertainment and Mississauga Music, and Liberty Silver, Juno-award winning singer, were collectively impressed with Mikey’s demo, stating that it had clever songwriting, a great hook and that they can see audiences singing along to it.

“Mikey Bloom has connected many Mississauga neighbourhoods and even the spelling into a story song that represents our city’s new era at 50 years young,” says Mike Douglas, Executive Director MAC,” Congratulations Mikey if this is just the beginning of your introduction to Mississauga, we can’t wait to see where your career goes from here!”

“Mississauga” by Mikey Bloom is available on all streaming platforms as of January 20, 2024.

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About Mikey Bloom

Mikey Bloom is an emerging musician who grew up in Mississauga. He creates a diverse range of music, including pop, dancehall, R&B and hip-hop, with his main focus being a rapper. Mikey is also a producer and songwriter, crafting all of his music and writing for others. He was inspired to write music after it helped him through difficult times in his life and he aims to create music that can help others in the same way it has helped him. Learn more: instagram.com/mikeybloom

About 50th Anthem Anniversary Contest

In 1974, the year of the City of Mississauga’s incorporation, the great Country singer/songwriter Tommy Hunter wrote and recorded “Mississauga”, a song to celebrate and uplift the newly formed city. On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the City of Mississauga, the 50th Anniversary Anthem contest searched for an iconic anthem for a new era to celebrate community pride. Inspired by a vision by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko, it was hosted by Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) in partnership with Metalworks Studios and SoundsUnite. Juried by a panel of music business peers, winner, Mikey Bloom, received a free recording and mixing session at the prestigious Metalworks Studios and had his anthem named “Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary Anthem”. Learn more: macarts.ca/anthem

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