Mississauga digs into another busy construction season

Crews are hard at work maintaining, repairing and expanding the city’s transportation and stormwater infrastructure.

May 28, 2024

The City of Mississauga’s construction season is well underway with an estimated investment of more than $116 million* in projects to repair, maintain and expand the City’s transportation infrastructure and stormwater system, such as roads, sidewalks, bridges, bike lanes, trails, stormwater drains and streetlights. This year, there are 19 new projects and eight projects continuing from 2023. Construction projects include road resurfacing, sidewalk and multi-use trail construction and bridge repairs. Construction projects also include erosion control work along creeks and dredging and maintenance of stormwater management ponds and infrastructure.

“The construction work we do in Mississauga isn’t just about fixing roads, it’s about building and maintaining a great city. It’s vital to Mississauga’s growth and development. While construction season may cause temporary inconvenience on our roads, keeping our infrastructure in a state of good repair through regular maintenance helps ensure everyone’s safety, allows us to deliver the City services you rely on, and reduces the need for emergency replacements and repairs which can be more expensive,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation & Works. “I want to thank Mississauga residents for their patience and co-operation as we head into this busy season, as well as the crews and City staff who work hard to complete this critical work with as minimal disruption as possible.”

Road resurfacing

The City’s Road Resurfacing Program involves replacing asphalt on the road and repairing curbs and sidewalks when needed. This year, 51 streets are scheduled to be resurfaced. When a street is being resurfaced, work can also take place on boulevards, sidewalks and the City’s portion of driveways. It is recommended that residents delay any renovations to their lawn or driveway, including repaving, until the work is complete. Personal items located close to the sidewalk or boulevard, such as lights, sprinklers, décor and temporary fencing, should also be removed to avoid damage. Residents will receive a pre-construction notice in the mail if their street is scheduled for resurfacing this year.


Hazel McCallion Line update

Progress is happening on Metrolinx’s Hazel McCallion Line. Track construction will continue south of Highway 403 and then south of the QEW. The southern terminus at Port Credit GO Station will continue to take shape, while construction of other platforms will continue as well. For the latest updates, follow the Hazel McCallion Line on X.

Online construction map

Residents interested in learning more about the City’s construction projects can use the construction map to view all projects and who to contact if there are any questions. The construction map also provides information about projects in City parks and projects from the Peel Region, Ministry of Transportation and Alectra.

Ongoing maintenance

This time of year, residents can also expect to see City crews completing annual maintenance and cleanup work to tidy up Mississauga’s shared spaces and keep everyone moving safely. This work includes filling potholes, sweeping of collector, arterial and industrial roadways, repairing sidewalks, clearing litter and debris, and getting parks, greenspaces and trails ready for the busy season.

“With the milder winter we had, we were given a great head start on this year’s construction season. For example, construction work was able to continue throughout the winter on the Burnhamthorpe Road bridge. Crews were able to finish building the working platforms, remove deteriorated concrete and reconstruct a retaining wall beside the Culham Trail,” said Sam Rogers, Director, Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Services. “Several large road projects are also anticipated to be completed this year, which residents will be excited about. These include the Goreway Drive overpass bridge in Malton, the rehabilitation of The Collegeway, and the Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive Integrated Road Project.”

With all of this ongoing work on the City’s roads, residents are reminded to be cautious when traveling near construction or maintenance work sites, adhere to all site signs and barricades and to be respectful. Please give crews and equipment space as they work.

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*Budget is subject to change based on tender schedule and prices.