Mississauga honoured for two projects that contribute to the city’s economy

The City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office (EDO) has been recognized for its contributions supporting the economy of the city. Last week, the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) presented the City of Mississauga’s EDO with one prestigious award for innovative and impactful projects that support economic development and, by extension, the city’s economy. The two projects recognized are:

  • Equity and Diversity Collaborative (EDC) – Received the  Award of Excellence in the category of Inclusive Based Initiatives & Programming
    • In 2021, the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office (EDO), in collaboration with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (Canada Region), established the Equity & Diversity Collaborative (EDC) – a consortium of healthcare and life sciences companies dedicated to driving gender equity and diversity. EDC’s mission is “To achieve gender parity (50 per cent) and significant representation (30 per cent) of other under-represented groups, including racialized persons, people living with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ2 community at all levels of organizations and on Canadian board(s).”
  • IDEA Square One – We were recognized as finalists in the category of Building Initiatives, Brick and Mortar projects
    • Launched in May 2023, IDEA Square One is a central entrepreneur hub that brings together a network of supports to help entrepreneurs grow, scale and commercialize their ideas and businesses. The hub reduces barriers to entrepreneurship and increases the access and visibility of Mississauga’s Innovation assets to all businesses and residents.

“This award and recognition indicates the City of Mississauga is making in economic development as leaders in the field,” said Acting Mayor Joe Horneck. “Our Economic Development team works hard to identify actions and opportunities that contribute to Mississauga’s business community and economy. They work to create an environment where businesses of all sizes can grow and succeed. I congratulate them on this prestigious recognition.”

“As an organization committed to advancing equity and inclusion, the HBA is proud that HBA Canada’s work as part of the Equity and Diversity Collaborative is being honored by EDCO. Beyond the significant impact of the EDC’s work, the visibility that comes from recognition of the award will help to raise greater awareness of the critical importance that inclusion and belonging play in the workplace and in the greater community,” said Mary Stutts, CEO, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

The EDCO Awards of Excellence

The EDCO Awards of Excellence is an annual program that aims to seek distinctive ideas and initiatives that can become future economic development best practices. Recipients of the EDCO Awards of Excellence are viewed as leaders in economic development and are often asked to present their efforts and accomplishments at speaking engagements, including the EDCO Conference and Showcase.

This recognition among our peers validates our work and its positive impact on our business community” said Christina Kakaflikas, Director, Economic Development. “With Council’s strong support and direction, the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development team is dedicated to providing programs and resources that help our businesses grow and prosper while also contributing to our strategic priorities.”

The team provides site location assistance, sector development support, research, industry analysis and marketing as well as offering guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

About EDCO

The Economic Developers Council of Ontario supports the economic development profession through a variety of learning events and conferences. Each year they have an awards call-out to communities and organizations to submit new, innovative and impactful projects that support economic development.

To learn more about growth and development opportunities and why businesses continue to choose Mississauga, visit thefutureisunlimited.ca.

For more information about supports for small business, visit ideamississauga.ca

Staff winning an award
Left: Christina Kakaflikas, Director of Economic Development, and Right: Donna Heslin, Manager of Small Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation.