• More rail service on the Lakeshore West GO lines.

    Beginning June 29, we will run more rail service on the Barrie, Stouffville and Lakeshore West GO lines.

    On the Barrie Line – we are extending four weekend train trips all the way up to Barrie to make it easier for you to spend time with family and friends or have a weekend getaway. For customers travelling to Barrie, trains at 11:40 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. will take you from Union Station all the way to Allandale Waterfront GO. For customers travelling from Barrie, trains at 4:20 p.m. and 8:40 p.m. will take you from Allandale Waterfront GO all the way to Union Station.

    On the Lakeshore West Line – we are also offering customers five late-night express trips from Aldershot GO to Long Branch GO seven days a week.


    Lakeshore West
    Type of Increase Departure Arrival
    New trip 12:01 a.m., Aldershot 12:30 a.m., Long Branch
    New trip 12:31 a.m., Aldershot 1:00 a.m., Long Branch
    New trip 1:01 a.m., Aldershot 1:30 a.m., Long Branch
    New trip 1:31 a.m., Aldershot 2:00 a.m., Long Branch
    New trip 2:01 a.m., Aldershot 2:30 a.m., Long Branch



    Type of Increase Departure Arrival
    Existing trip, new stops at Etobicoke North, Weston, Bloor 3:00 p.m., Mount Pleasant 3:51 p.m., Union Station


    For additional information on these changes, please visit www.gotransit.com, you can also use our trip planning tools for easier travel.

    If you would like real-time updates sent directly to your mobile device, please sign up for our On the GO alerts here, or follow your line’s @gotransit account on Twitter.





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