SIGN MY PETITION – Urge the Province of Ontario to ban modified mufflers that create excessive noise

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Please take a moment to sign the petition to urge the Province of Ontario to ban modified mufflers that create excessive noise

I recently put forward a motion at both the City of Mississauga and Peel Regional Council to ask the Province to enact further amendments to the Highway Traffic Act to directly target loud and modified exhaust systems.

Vehicle noise from street racing and aggressive driving go hand in hand. That, combined with modified emission control systems can create the “perfect storm” for vehicle noise related issues.

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As we cannot gather to collect written signatures to submit to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to have your voice heard. I am undertaking this petition to raise awareness and ask the Province, including all Mississauga MPP’s, the Ontario Minister of Transportation and the Premier of Ontario, for their assistance in addressing this issue.

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) makes it an offence for the driver of a vehicle to permit an unreasonable amount of smoke to escape from a motor vehicle or to cause a motor vehicle to make any unnecessary noise;
In December, 2019 Bill 132: the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, S.O. 2019, c. 14 received royal assent which will amend the HTA to include section (s. 75.1) that will make it an offence for persons to tamper with a vehicle’s emission control system by:
(a) removing, bypassing, defeating or rendering inoperative all or part of a motor vehicle’s emission control system; or
(b) modifying a motor or motor vehicle in any way that results in increased emissions from the level to which it was originally designed or certified by the manufacturer of the motor or motor vehicle;

Section 75.1 also prohibits the sale of devices that tamper with a vehicle’s emission control system which can create excessive noise on our streets and in our neighbourhoods;

We need a comprehensive approach to address the excessive vehicle exhaust noise and smoke that includes:

1.    An urgent request be made to the Province of Ontario that section 75.1 of the Highway Traffic Act be immediately proclaimed and brought into force to allow Police Services to begin enforcing these provisions

2.    A request to the Province of Ontario to amend the Highway Traffic Act to:

a.    prohibit the sale of exhaust systems and vehicles that have the capability of exceeding 80 decibels

b.    Include stricter penalty provisions related to these types of offences including a minimum fine of $500 and a loss of 3 demerit points

3.    Fund Police Organizations to purchase approved decibel monitor devices in order to enforce effectively and efficiently

Please sign the petition and feel free to share with others to sign.